February 22, 2020

STAY TUNED: Director Kymberly Harris Answers Questions Actors Really Want to Ask

Dear Actors-
I’ve been working with actors on their craft, projects and auditions for 15 years. This year, my first actor won an Emmy, I became an Ovation voter, and feel inspired and propeled to do what I’ve been requested to do for a long time which is to start a collaborative blog.
My passion is helping actors find a truthful and visceral connection to their parts, while also serving the creative circumstances and the broader vision for the project.  As a director, I have a specific process I’ve created to work through the actors. But, I can help you to find fulfillment in every project and audition! I want to give you agency to understand how to instill what’s uniquely YOU into your roles, to serve the story, and to survive and thrive in your creative life with the fullest human experience possible.
A football player has a football, a violinist a violin, but you, you are your own instrument. So, each Sunday I’m giving you an opportunity to ask me a question, and I will answer it on Monday to help you tune your instrument. There are no dumb questions! As long as the answer helps you continue your creative journey with courage and knowledge, I will guide you to an answer.
I respect the privacy of all of my clients so I won’t publicize your names unless you ask me to. But, I will respond to you, and hopefully lend some inspiration as well. I will choose one of your questions each week, so if you don’t see your answer right away, STAY TUNED. Be as specific as you want, asking about character preparation, actor choices, interpersonal conflicts, script points, anything!

Send me your questions by Sunday at: staytunedLA@gmail.com. Answers will be posted on Monday!

Kymberly Harris is an actor’s director. She specializes in character driven stories, whether the genre is drama, comedy, thriller, or action. Her extensive experience as a method acting coach to professional actors of all ages has led actors to seek her out to direct them towards their best performances in film, television, and theatre projects. Kymberly is a private coach to select clients and an instructor at The Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute. She is also the founder of @firsthand.films.

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