September 16, 2019

My Lamentations (Eicha)

Fury has come.

Truth has been hidden in plain sight
And those refuse to see through their hearts
And eyes 

to know, really know, we are One great, collective, connected, Unity.

This World
Is awake and breathing
And has beaten-in eyes

Filled with pollution, historical tragedy repeating herself, and the stench of her newly dying children.
This world, our mother, is brilliant and conscious, ancient and an innovation,
Wise and magical.
But we do not see her.
We are hateful to her.
We hate her heart.
We hate her nuances, subtleties, shifts, her intricacies, her wetness, her power, surprises, inconsistencies, reality beyond the limits of our minds, the cycles of the moon,
We are not wise to her wisdom,
Not caretakers to her generative place and love.
Not beings to be proud of. Disdainful.
The loss of humanity’s care is pathetic in its pathology. 

There is so much to mourn here. 

How much can the message be said until we see?
Our beautiful earth, whose reflection is You,
This world is our truest expression of God-
The truest expression of God is humanity, is life itself.
Made in the image of imageless spaciousness,
splendor, infinity in form,  

We are made to be witnesses for our Oneness,
but when we watch, only see distinctions, only see an other.
and are misinterpreted by each other without ever really hearing.
Each precious piece of humanity
Put against the other
And set to judge the other
To suspect and be suspect of what is not “me.”
Jailed, rough words, difficult expectations,
Humans treated like animals
Animals treated like dirt
to brush our feet clean of.

Devoured, and beaten.
Anger itself given a gun
Shitting on souls,
hurting purity and innocence and spectacular complexity of the child,
With words of darkest assumptions about motives
Missing the pure essence,
Not fully seeing another for fear that your mind will be blown!
failure to look inward.

Stupid people, what is an intellect for?

What is a heart for?
Kindness at least!
Mystery! Curiosity at least! Joy at least, meaning at least!
Why do the closed minded have any power, any power at all
When their minds need to be dismantled and opened?

Open to Wonder! Open to possibility! Open to reality!

If there are those who don’t even believe in climate change,
How can we implement sustainable designs?

Whose permission are we waiting for?
And many who care and want to care
Labelled as “liberal,” put in wolves’ clothing
and dismissed. 

The communication is lost.
Possibility is dead.
The earth is imbalanced.
Sick and rotting, this road is a mess, winding.
Selfish politicians, withholding medicine, uncertainty hidden in inflated egos,
Controlling women’s life bodies, boundaries broken, mistrust, going where you have no right to go.
Feel bad for us, God,

Remember, we do not Know.
We have not been shown the truth well enough, clearly enough.
Why are You so hidden?
Why is our unity so wrapped up, warped?
When will we Know!?

When will it be clear to all to see
us in one dance?
If we are to look, without words, the colors are beautiful. 

But like our mother Rebecca’s womb,
filled with the polarity of Jacob and Esau, 

If these are the birth pangs of the messianic consciousness
I have yet to see, I am tired of waiting for you or anything.
especially for one person to come and save us,
I wait no longer, 

 I would heal this now
but even my prayers
Are just outward pleas
Oh, like a baby saying “bring me my bottle,”
I say, “Bring us peace”
Grow up, Emily.
Grow up. 

Make Peace beyond measure!

Not as it once was
Not as in days past
But as it will Be.


Open our eyes to our planet, 

To unity.

Let not our work be futile.
Let not our hands be grasping.
Let not our lungs be gasping for air.
Let us sew this world
And not waste our time.
Let us live in Knowing
our Unity. Do not hide any longer.
Not for one moment longer.
Reveal yourself.

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