September 15, 2019

Top Ten YouTube Travel Videos on WE SAID GO TRAVEL

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Here are ten videos with the most views from ten different countries on my channel:
VideoMonywa Arrival and Night Market, Myanmar (Burma)
Video: Gili Meno: the Good and the Bad in Indonesia
Video: Saved by the Seligas in Falealupo, Samoa
Video: All Aboard the Train! Rocky Mountaineer is leaving Vancouver, Canada
Video: 5 beaches: Hiking in Koh Tao, Thailand
Video: Tonga’s Got Talent 2011
Video: Barton G: A restaurant and Theater of Food in Los Angeles, California
Video: Taipei: Traveling by Metro and discovering Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Video: From Kolkata to Puri by Night Bus, India, Nov 2012
Video: St Pauli Reeperbahn Tour Hamburg, Germany October 2015


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Check out my out of this world recent video at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge:
LIsa Niver at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Lisa Niver at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge