November 15, 2019
PittMoss / Photo courtesy of Jennifer Krosche

10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2019

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of us still haven’t purchased a gift for the beloved mother(s) in our lives. In turn, here are 10 gift ideas which you ought to be able to order just in time for Mother’s Day Sunday.

1) Summer Water Societé
The first direct-to-consumer rosé membership of its kind, Societé has developed a cult following among influencers and casual drinkers alike. Over the last few years, rosé sales have continued to rise and everyone’s love for rosé is not slowing down this summer. So digitally native winery Winc is making sure you NEVER run out of rosé this summer.

Winc launched a premium, members-only club on April 15, that caters to the ultimate rosé lover and guarantees enough rosé to last you from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Members will receive four strategically-timed shipments of Summer Water Rosé. This year members will receive a special rosé surprise, launching in the fourth shipment, which will be exclusively available to societé members only.

2) Razor’s E Prime Scooter
People have known Razor for close to two decades as the creator of the best scooter on the market: the Razor Scooter. And yet Razor has way more than just scooters out there for sale these days, including electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, and electric skateboards.

The new E Prime from Razor is an electric scooter designed for older kids and adults for easy, short commutes, as well as some great outdoor fun with the family. Designed to impress at school, the office or around the neighborhood alike, the Razor E Prime combines sleek style with electric efficiency to bring a new level of sophistication to every ride. It features a high-torque, an electric hub motor, folding technology and easy-adjust handlebars, cruising in style at speeds up to 15 MPH.

3) Jacques Torres’ Seasonal Chocolates
Simply put, Jacques Torres is one of the world’s most famous pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Torres got his start as a chef in his native France, working under 2-star Michelin chef Jacques Maximin in the early 1980s. He went on to earn a Master Pastry Chef degree, and in 1986 Torres became the youngest person to ever win the Meilleur Ouvrier Patissier De France competition.

No matter the major holiday, you can expect a great new collection of delicious handcrafted gourmet chocolates from Jacques Torres. For Mother’s Day, the company’s offerings include a limited-edition “I Love You Mom” box of bonbons, a “Best Mom Ever” bonbon box, and a “Moms Deserve Chocolate” bundle. Enjoy your Mother’s Day selection, of course, there are more limited-edition offerings ahead for Father’s Day already on the company’s website.

4) Keepster Books
What better time than Mother’s Day to thank mom, and all the women in your life who’ve nurtured you with a heartfelt message? But sometimes it can be challenging to put our feelings into words. Enter Keepster, a new, highly buzzed-about app that provides users with the tools to easily create printed books out of all the sweet, funny and loving text messages, pictures and emojis you have already written and shared.

Think of all the messages you’ve received and sent telling how wonderful it is to be loved, inspired and cared for. Now you can truly show how much those words mean to you. For the occasion, you can also include a special dedication message on the title page. And while Keepster books are so wonderful, Keepster also allows you and Mom to keep these messages safe forever. The app allows you and mom to save all the special chats and photos you’d hate to lose in folders — within the app – so no matter what, you’ll always be able to find them easily.

Photo courtesy of Starlux Games

5) Starlux Games’ Glow Battle
Simply described as “a light-up sword game for groups,” Glow Battle is comprised of 10 games of speed, strategy and teamwork. Aimed for players of eight years and older, each Glow Battle game can be played by up to 20 players, and each game is likely to run between 20 and 90 minutes. In turn, you have a variety of games that can keep a big group of people entertained for a long period of time. Included in the set is 10 weapons of light, 10 glow wristbands, eight regeneration station markers, 10 gameplay option cards, and applicable batteries and instructions.

Also available from Starlux Games is Capture The Flag REDUX. Both this and Glow Battle are available with free two-day shipping. Additional bracelets and parts, in order to add in more players, can be purchased directly from Starlux Games.

PittMoss / Photo courtesy of Jennifer Krosche

6) PittMoss
Now that gardening season is in full swing for most of the country, PittMoss – as seen on “Shark Tank” – is an ideal gift for a mother who gardens. Essentially the new generation of gardening mixes, PittMoss is made from recycled cellulose fibers, like newspaper. It keeps material out of the landfill, which allows gardeners to have good stewardship of our planet. The unique physical, chemical, and biological properties of PittMoss maximize the use of nutrients and water.

PittMoss can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are an avid gardener, a specialty grower, or you like to mix your own potting or gardening soil to perfection, using PittMoss can dramatically improve your results. In turn, a PittMoss user can quickly expect a better garden with maximized results.

7) Bulletproof 360’s Limited Edition Bulletproof Starter Kit
A leading science-based food and beverage company, Bulletproof 360 is well-known for its widely-popular Bulletproof Coffee beverage. For those yet to be initiated into the world of Bulletproof, its iconic coffee beverage is not your average latte. It is made with Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed butter to provide a quick and reliable energy source throughout the day.

Per its new collaboration with U.S. Ski & Snowboard, Bulletproof 360 recently released a Limited Edition Bulletproof Starter Kit with Brain Octane Oil, Ground Coffee, and an official U.S. Ski & Snowboard High Sierra Backpack. With a kit like that, the recipient will undoubtedly be ready to jump-start their health goals and/or get into some ski/snowboard training. The kit is also perfect for any spring or summer travels to slopes around the world.

Toddlermonitor / Photo courtesy of Sarah Brodersen

8) Toddlermonitor
Toddlermonitor is a smart monitor that is fully controlled by the free toddlermonitor app. It hangs on a doorknob and alerts parents if their child leaves their bedroom. Small and lightweight, toddlermonitor can hang on any type of door and can be moved without installation, making it suitable for travel. The device is rechargeable and keeps its charge for up to 10 days. 

Easy to set up, toddlermonitor pairs to your iOS and/or Android device in seconds. The app allows you to monitor up to three toddlermonitor devices at the same time and tailor the style of alerts that you receive, including vibration, volume and sound. As a bonus, it is made with 100 percent BPA free silicone materials. In turn, this gift can let its recipient further rest comfortably knowing that this child safety device is completely non-toxic and has no small parts to swallow.

Sodastream Fizzi One Touch / Photo courtesy of Kate Sherman

9) SodaStream Fizzi One Touch
Moms are often the busiest people we know. SodaStream makes mom’s life easier. No need to run out to the store and lug home cases of sparkling water, SodaStream saves her time, money and hassle. Plus, she can feel good about reducing single-use plastic waste.

The SodaStream is the #1 sparkling water brand in the world, and the Fizzi One Touch is the brand’s new, sleek machine. It fits perfectly in any kitchen, for all of mom’s at home carbonation needs. She can make unlimited amounts of sparkling water and customize her drinks with three distinct carbonation levels. And for moms who like a little flavor with their water, SodaStream’s all natural, zero-calorie Fruit Drops – available in watermelon, cucumber, peach, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango and orange – give your beverage a subtle flavor of natural fruit essence.

10) Barrow Watches
A Barrow watch is basically two gifts in one. Included with every watch is an additional free strap, so a mother can switch between a casual leather look and a sleek mesh strap. Classic, ethical and made to last, a Barrow watch is for a lifetime – not a season – and we all know every Mom appreciates a good bargain.

Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass, a solid steel case, handcrafted vegetable tanned leather straps from Tuscany, and all comfortably priced – currently on Amazon they are priced at a reasonable $164 – are the traits which help Barrow stand apart from other brands. Its Petite Rose Gold watch is for small framed Mothers with delicate wrists, balancing the feminine rose gold and a complimenting rich leather, or elegant mesh. The Petite Steel, by contrast, carries a “Steel & Tan” vegetable tanned Italian leather strap to pair well with denim, while also available for dress-up with the stainless steel mesh strap in Silver.