July 15, 2019

A Moment in Time: Each of us is Elijah the Prophet

Dear all,
Among my mother’s many talents is silversmithing. She crafted this Paul Revere style Kiddush Cup when I was young, and we have used it at every family occasion. It has graced our table each Passover as the Cos Eliyahu/ Cup of Elijah the Prophet.
According to Jewish tradition, we open our house door toward the end of each Passover Seder in hopes that Elijah will enter to signal a time of peace. Families set a special cup for Elijah to mark the significance.
When I placed the cup last week, I noticed my reflection in its base. It was then that I realized: we can’t wait for someone else to bring about better times. Each of us is Elijah the Prophet.
So when we open our door, it’s really about taking a moment in time to open our hearts, our souls, and our actions toward bringing goodness into the world.
How will you be the face of Elijah this year?
With love and shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro