November 22, 2019

Rabbi, is my CDB tincture Kosher for Passover?

With the spread of CBD products growing by the second, I recently fielded a question from someone.

“Rabbi, is my CDB tincture Kosher for Passover?”

Being unfamiliar with the ingredients for CBD tinctures, I contacted a local manufacturer to help me determine if CBD tincture needs Passover supervision. 

The owner explained to me that the tinctures are generally made by a mixing CBD extract and a carrier. The most widely used carrier is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). This is an ideal carrier for medicine and many are even kosher supervised. 

While the MCT carrier is usually a pure form of coconut oil and may or may not be kosher for Passover certified, any flavoring that is used may be made from alcohol.

So a flavored CBD tincture would certainly need verification that it’s not chametz. 

Some of the companies will let you know if they use MCT that is kosher supervised.

Some may have no idea.

And a final reminder… It is not just CBD products that the subject of Chametz and Passover arrises. Any edible cannabis or CBD product on the holiday needs to be Kosher for Passover as well.  

Wishing you a healthy, kosher,  joyous and inspiring Passover