May 24, 2019

A Look at He’brew Beer’s Limited-Edition Offerings for Hanukkah 2018

This Hanukkah, the New York-based Shmaltz Brewing Company officially turns 22. Still the only Jewish celebration beer company in the country, Shmaltz admittedly began as a novelty brewer. Now, Shmaltz reportedly has dozens of staff members and is the recipient of dozens of awards for its signature specialty beers.

For the 2018 holiday season came the first-ever canned beers from Shmaltz. This applies to the brewer’s “official” Hanukkah beer (in 12-ounce cans) and the revered Jewbelation anniversary ale (in 16-ounce cans). Both new brews hit stores in more than 30 states as of Nov. 1.

For beer fans close to Upstate New York, Shmaltz’s new bar and tasting room at 518 Craft in downtown Troy, NY features the breadth of Shmaltz’s portfolio including its latest seasonals, annual favorites, and vintage beers from their private archive.  Further relevant to those in upper New York, Shmaltz Brewing also has a line of upstate New York focused farm beers under the 518/838 Craft brand name beyond its officially-licensed Star Trek-themed beers.

Not bad, especially when considering that Shmaltz’s founder and owner Jeremy Cowan established hand-bottled and delivered the first 100 cases of He’brew Beer from the back of his Grandmother’s Volvo. More on all things Shmaltz can be found online at