December 11, 2018

Day 85 – Why I’m Reading the Whole Talmud… Again

I have been struggling to write a post since I came down from the Mt. Sinai-like high of the ” target=”_blank”>here for my Jewish Journal cover story about that experience).

I have kept up with the page-a-day schedule of the new ” target=”_blank”>dayenu!

Number two, it is hard to keep this going for anyone, but especially someone who does not attend synagogue every morning, and who is not a full-time Torah scholar. I’m a director, and I’ve just made an independent film in a unique and unprecedented manner (see ” target=”_blank”>Rava knew it. The rationale for choosing the Sabbath light over the Chanukah light ought to arise from the well-established Talmudic principle that frequent ” target=”_blank”>Maariv prayer of Friday night, but clearly the superior way to make Kiddush is with wine. So when the chips are really down, and the impoverished man is most anxious to beseech G-d, it would seem that Kiddush should prevail. Why does Rava tell him to choose the Sabbath light instead? Because peace in the home is paramount.

My teacher Rabbi Blau adds, if for the sake of peace in the home we sacrifice such a beloved mitzvah as kindling the Chanukah light, and what’s more, we sacrifice even the more revered and frequent mitzvah of making Kiddush over wine, then how much more must we sacrifice the ego – an opportunity which arises every day – for the sake of the peace in the house!

That is Talmud in practice. Talmud that brings G-d's love into my home. Talmud that blesses my family. Talmud I need.

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