November 21, 2018

Ron Kampeas, JTA

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson retreated from his department’s commitment to fill the post of envoy to combat anti-Semitism.
President Trump convened his first full Cabinet meeting on Monday, and Sen. Schumer, D-N.Y., the Senate minority leader, quickly transformed it into farce.
Five Arab nations cut ties with Qatar, escalating a long-simmering competition for preeminence in the region into actions that could set the stage for war.
Not to mention Naomi Shemer’s anthem “Jerusalem of Gold,” reissued after the Six-Day War with a new verse celebrating access to the Old City.
The $110 billion defense purchase was part of a broader trade pact that Trump in Saudi Arabia called a “landmark agreement.”
A key Senate committee approved new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missiles program after amending clauses that critics said could scuttle the nuclear deal.
President Donald Trump reportedly has dropped Joe Lieberman from his list of contenders to helm the FBI.
Trump in his tweets confirmed that he shared the information but did not say whether or not it was classified.
President Trump and P.A. President Abbas said renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks would help bring about the defeat of the Islamic State.
President Donald Trump wants a deal with Israel and the Palestinians. The Israeli and Palestinian leaders say they want Trump to make the deal.
The New Yorker’s Connie Bruck has written perhaps the deepest dive into what forces shaped Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s top strategic adviser.
The Trump administration last week endorsed a narrative long promoted by critics of the Iran nuclear deal: It’s North Korea all over again.
Iran is not living up to the “spirit” of the nuclear deal, President Trump said, the latest in a flurry of mixed messages on the deal.
A Montana Jewish woman, backed by the SPLC, is suing a neo-Nazi white supremacist for launching a harassment campaign against her and her family.
Top House of Representatives lawmakers introduced legislation that would elevate the role of the State Department’s anti-Semitism monitor.
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