Picture of Mark Schiff

Mark Schiff

Mark Schiff is a comedian, actor and writer, and host of the 'You Don't Know Schiff' podcast.

We Are Not Starting Over Again

Here’s the message for Hamas: This is not 2,000 years ago, 1945, or 2001. We are not going to start over again. We’ve done it too many times. Not this time. NEVER AGAIN.

Talk the Walk

New Yorkers invented walking 10,000 steps a day. And let’s not forget the Jews’ 40-year walk when they left Egypt!

Cut Short

Over the past 15, maybe even more years, I’ve been getting my hair cut by a woman named Reina.

The Real You at Last

People leave behind money, houses, and cars, some even lots of bills but rarely, if ever, do they leave behind the opportunity to hear the real story — the real you right from the horse’s mouth.

Here, You Take Her

It’s amazing how fast you fall in love with the little ones, especially since you know you can return them.

I Sort of Did It

It has taken over 60 years, but I finally mustered the courage and did it.


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