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Israel Donations Stimulate — and Don’t Hurt — Local Fundraising

Israel\’s military campaign in Lebanon has left the Jewish state spiritually and financially drained. The overall cost of the conflict, including the amount spent on the war and business losses in northern Israel, exceeds $7 billion, according to The Israel Project, a nonprofit, pro-Israeli advocacy group.

GOP Sees Israel as Way to Woo Democratic Jews

\”It\’s going to be harder and harder to be on the left and be pro-Israel,\” Kotkin said. \”I think many Jews are going to have to choose between their leftism and their Judaism.\”

Local Christian Leaders Maintain Support for Israel

Even in the face of recent international criticism of Israel\’s war tactics, American Christians, especially Evangelicals, have remained steadfast in support of Jews and the Jewish state. Whereas vicious anti-Zionist attacks in much of Europe and the Arab world have lately bled into rank anti-Semitism, even those American Christians critical of Israel\’s recent actions have gone to great lengths to stress their support for the nation\’s right to exist.

Thousands Rally in L.A. to Support Israel

Schwarzenegger told the gathering that he has long, deep affection for Israel. He said that he has visited the country several times, including in the 1970s as a body building champion; the 1980s as \”The Terminator;\” and in the 1990s to open a Planet Hollywood restaurant. He added that his first trip abroad after being elected governor was to Israel.

ACLU Dispute Shows Tension Among Interfaith Friends

As local pro-Israeli and pro-Arab groups hold ever larger and more heated demonstrations, relations among Los Angeles Muslim and Jewish groups threaten to go into a deep freeze. In one reflection of the changing climate, a longtime Jewish member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has blasted the group\’s local chapter for planning to honor a Muslim activist whom he characterizes as an anti-Israeli propagandist.

Large-Scale Israel Solidarity Rally Planned for Sunday

The attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas represent nothing less than the latest step in radical Islam\’s quest for world domination, said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Standing up to the threat, whether on the frontlines of Israel or the streets of Los Angeles, is a needed challenge to the forces of darkness.

Sderot Attack Interrupts Villaraigosa’s Call

On Thursday, July 6, at 9 a.m., Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a longtime supporter of Israel, was interrupted twice in attempts to place a call to Eli Moyal, mayor of the Israeli city of Sderot.


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