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Marc Ballon

Family foundations pave new philanthropic path

There was a time when Jewish philanthropists would crack open their checkbooks at least once a year and make a big contribution to Jewish federations and other Jewish agencies. That was just how it was done.No more.

Many aging Shoah survivors are living a new nightmare

Moscovitz is one of the tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living in abject poverty in the United States. These witnesses to the 20th century\’s worst atrocity are enduring a second nightmare, often struggling just to feed and clothe themselves.Their wartime experiences, which included malnutrition and physical and psychological abuse, have made them prone to costly medical and mental problems as they age.

Federations and Israeli leaders converge on L.A.

The 75th annual General Assembly (GA) of United Jewish Communities, which begins Sunday and continues through Wednesday, will feature prime ministers, award-winning journalists and celebrated academics, among the nearly 4,000 Jewish leaders expected to attend.

Anti-Israel UTLA committee gets sent to the corner for a time out

The United Teachers Los Angeles committee that came under intense criticism for planning to host a gathering calling for economic sanctions against Israel, including a boycott and divestment, has shut down its Web site and agreed to undertake a monthlong \”self-evaluation.\”

UTLA quashes Israel divestment push

UTLA President A.J. Duffy said he advocated canceling the planned Oct. 14 pro-Palestinian gathering because it would have served only to \”polarize our union members and members of our community.\” Instead, he said he supports convening a gathering for a dialogue between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian forces.

Rabbinical marriage counseling works — up to a point

Although rabbis can play a positive role in brokering a reconciliation in couples with relatively minor problems, they are generally ill-equipped, both educationally and often temperamentally, to grapple with spousal abuse, depression, bullying and other serious issues that can destroy marriages and souls.


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