Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Marc Ballon


Daniel Pipes fights the worldwide threat of Islamism — from Malibu

Like his father, Daniel Pipes has a reputation for bluntness and a willingness to go against conventional wisdom -- both in the academy and elsewhere. Whereas Richard Pipes sounded the alarm against appeasing the Soviets, Daniel Pipes preaches against working with radical Muslims, no matter how law-abiding, scholarly or open-minded they might appear.

StandWithUs offers Israel 101 guide to help students confront anti-Zionist rhetoric

More than a year in the making, \"Israel 101\" offers a short but comprehensive primer on Israel, addressing such subjects as the recent war in Lebanon, terrorism and the modern Zionist movement, said StandWithUs education research director Roberta Seid, who helped oversee the project.

Divided we fall? A once-united Jewish Los Angeles breaks apart again

Last summer, Los Angeles' Jewish community stood united. As Hezbollah missiles rained on Israel, 10,000 Jews, including members of groups spanning the political spectrum...

Book reveals secrets from the Patriarchs of Punk: CBGBs was really Heebie Jeebies

"The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB's: A Secret History of Jewish Punk," by Steven Lee Beeber (Chicago Review Press, $24.95). They were your mother's worst nightmare. They wore...

Super Sunday volunteers hope to ring up big bucks

Betty Hamburger's impressive record of having attended nearly every Super Sunday since the megafundraiser's inception in 1979 looked as though it would come to...

Progressive values propel Daniel Sokatch’s rising star

Sokatch is the founding executive director of Los Angeles-based Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA), a nondenominational group dedicated, in his words, to \"connecting Jews to the critical social justice issues facing our city, such as criminal and economic justice and interfaith dialogue.\"

Federation fires chief fundraiser Craig Prizant

The announcement comes as the Federation is ramping up its fundraising efforts for several major events that are always held during the first few months of the year. The dates are arranged to avoid competition with beneficiary agencies, most of which schedule their events later in the year.

Despite past sparks, Al-Marayati wants Jewish dialogue

\"I want my children to have a future of hope, a future where they can contribute positively to American society as Muslims,\" Al-Marayati said. \"I don\'t want a future of prejudice, fear and victimization.\"

Breaking new ground: Jewish, Muslim groups’ program encourages leaders to see the ‘other’ as friend

Is it possible for Los Angeles Jews and Muslims to talk to one another, to share peacefully at the table? This is the question that some leaders of both groups locally are asking themselves.

Marilyn Harran: A Modern Righteous Gentile

Looking forward, Harran dreams of establishing a visiting scholars\' program at the university and growing the Holocaust library\'s small collection, although raising the needed money might prove difficult, she said, given her distaste for fundraising.

Family foundations pave new philanthropic path

There was a time when Jewish philanthropists would crack open their checkbooks at least once a year and make a big contribution to Jewish federations and other Jewish agencies. That was just how it was done.No more.

Many aging Shoah survivors are living a new nightmare

Moscovitz is one of the tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living in abject poverty in the United States. These witnesses to the 20th century\'s worst atrocity are enduring a second nightmare, often struggling just to feed and clothe themselves.Their wartime experiences, which included malnutrition and physical and psychological abuse, have made them prone to costly medical and mental problems as they age.

Federations and Israeli leaders converge on L.A.

The 75th annual General Assembly (GA) of United Jewish Communities, which begins Sunday and continues through Wednesday, will feature prime ministers, award-winning journalists and celebrated academics, among the nearly 4,000 Jewish leaders expected to attend.

JCRC’s Schwartz-Getzug picked to head Jewish World Watch

Tzivia Schwartz-Getzug has been named executive director of Jewish World Watch (JWW).

Anti-Israel UTLA committee gets sent to the corner for a time out

The United Teachers Los Angeles committee that came under intense criticism for planning to host a gathering calling for economic sanctions against Israel, including a boycott and divestment, has shut down its Web site and agreed to undertake a monthlong \"self-evaluation.\"

UTLA quashes Israel divestment push

UTLA President A.J. Duffy said he advocated canceling the planned Oct. 14 pro-Palestinian gathering because it would have served only to \"polarize our union members and members of our community.\" Instead, he said he supports convening a gathering for a dialogue between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian forces.

Rabbinical marriage counseling works — up to a point

Although rabbis can play a positive role in brokering a reconciliation in couples with relatively minor problems, they are generally ill-equipped, both educationally and often temperamentally, to grapple with spousal abuse, depression, bullying and other serious issues that can destroy marriages and souls.

Comedy director David Zucker goes to GOP? You can’t be serious!

David Zucker sees threats to America and Israel mounting, and he believes the Democrats are unable or unwilling to confront those challenges, so he has decided to go public with his belief that the Democrats have lost their way.

United Teachers Los Angeles just says ‘no’ to Israel divestment push by union commitee

Under a tidal wave of pressure from the local Jewish community, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) has decided to deny use of its headquarters to a UTLA committee planning to host a meeting to discuss the launch of a local boycott of sanctions against and divestment from Israel.

Area synagogues weigh benefits, pitfalls of High Holidays security

Throughout Southern California, congregations will spend untold thousands on armed guards, private patrols and high-tech security cameras to protect from real or imagined threats.

Maher Hathout — partner for peace or anti-Semite in centrist clothing?

Dr. Maher Hathout, like no other local Muslim leader in recent memory, has divided the Jewish community, exposing fissures between Jews who fervently believe in reviving the frayed Jewish-Muslim dialogue and those who have lost faith.

Israel Donations Stimulate — and Don’t Hurt — Local Fundraising

Israel\'s military campaign in Lebanon has left the Jewish state spiritually and financially drained. The overall cost of the conflict, including the amount spent on the war and business losses in northern Israel, exceeds $7 billion, according to The Israel Project, a nonprofit, pro-Israeli advocacy group.

GOP Sees Israel as Way to Woo Democratic Jews

\"It\'s going to be harder and harder to be on the left and be pro-Israel,\" Kotkin said. \"I think many Jews are going to have to choose between their leftism and their Judaism.\"

R.E. Hard Crash? Soft Landing? Bursting Balloon? Leaking Balloon?

The Jewish Journal spoke to Cohen about the recent reversal in the local housing market.

Local Christian Leaders Maintain Support for Israel

Even in the face of recent international criticism of Israel\'s war tactics, American Christians, especially Evangelicals, have remained steadfast in support of Jews and the Jewish state. Whereas vicious anti-Zionist attacks in much of Europe and the Arab world have lately bled into rank anti-Semitism, even those American Christians critical of Israel\'s recent actions have gone to great lengths to stress their support for the nation\'s right to exist.

Mideast Fighting Strains Fragile Interfaith Ties

Overall, though, Jewish-Muslim relations are strained, and tensions will likely worsen before getting better, predicts Rabbi John Rosove, senior rabbi at Temple Israel of Hollywood.

Thousands Rally in L.A. to Support Israel

Schwarzenegger told the gathering that he has long, deep affection for Israel. He said that he has visited the country several times, including in the 1970s as a body building champion; the 1980s as \"The Terminator;\" and in the 1990s to open a Planet Hollywood restaurant. He added that his first trip abroad after being elected governor was to Israel.

ACLU Dispute Shows Tension Among Interfaith Friends

As local pro-Israeli and pro-Arab groups hold ever larger and more heated demonstrations, relations among Los Angeles Muslim and Jewish groups threaten to go into a deep freeze. In one reflection of the changing climate, a longtime Jewish member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has blasted the group\'s local chapter for planning to honor a Muslim activist whom he characterizes as an anti-Israeli propagandist.

Large-Scale Israel Solidarity Rally Planned for Sunday

The attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas represent nothing less than the latest step in radical Islam\'s quest for world domination, said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Standing up to the threat, whether on the frontlines of Israel or the streets of Los Angeles, is a needed challenge to the forces of darkness.

Worst Fears Come to Pass for Foes of Gaza Pullout

Leaving Gaza also made sense morally, said Daniel Sokatch, executive director of the Progressive Jewish Alliance. \"For Israel to remain a democratic and Jewish state, it cannot occupy and control millions of Palestinians indefinitely,\" he said.

Latest news

Columbia BDS Referendum Passes

It passed with around 61% of the vote.

Congress Members Join Global Task Force to Combat Online Anti-Semitism

Members of the national legislatures of Australia, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States are part of the panel.

Israel Has More per Capita Deaths From the Coronavirus Each Day Than the U.S.

Israel’s daily rate over the last week has been an average of 3.5 deaths per million people. The U.S. rate was 2.2 deaths per million.

VIDEO: Skirball Cultural Center Hosts One Day Only Outdoor RBG Memorial

On Friday, Sept. 25 the Skirball Cultural Center held a socially distant RBG memorial display on its front steps, to honor the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.