Marc Ballon

Marc Ballon

Daniel Pipes fights the worldwide threat of Islamism — from Malibu

Like his father, Daniel Pipes has a reputation for bluntness and a willingness to go against conventional wisdom — both in the academy and elsewhere. Whereas Richard Pipes sounded the alarm against appeasing the Soviets, Daniel Pipes preaches against working with radical Muslims, no matter how law-abiding, scholarly or open-minded they might appear.

Despite past sparks, Al-Marayati wants Jewish dialogue

\”I want my children to have a future of hope, a future where they can contribute positively to American society as Muslims,\” Al-Marayati said. \”I don\’t want a future of prejudice, fear and victimization.\”

Progressive values propel Daniel Sokatch’s rising star

Sokatch is the founding executive director of Los Angeles-based Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA), a nondenominational group dedicated, in his words, to \”connecting Jews to the critical social justice issues facing our city, such as criminal and economic justice and interfaith dialogue.\”

Federation fires chief fundraiser Craig Prizant

The announcement comes as the Federation is ramping up its fundraising efforts for several major events that are always held during the first few months of the year. The dates are arranged to avoid competition with beneficiary agencies, most of which schedule their events later in the year.

Marilyn Harran: A Modern Righteous Gentile

Looking forward, Harran dreams of establishing a visiting scholars\’ program at the university and growing the Holocaust library\’s small collection, although raising the needed money might prove difficult, she said, given her distaste for fundraising.


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