Dr. Rafael Medoff

Dr. Rafael Medoff

Why That Ohio Town Is Named “East Palestine”

Towns such as East Palestine, Ohio, were established by 19th-century religious Christian settlers; they chose those names to express their spiritual attachment to the land and people of the Bible.

Neve Yaakov’s American Roots

Visitors to the area might be surprised to discover that Neve Yaakov actually is a major urban community, not at all resembling the stereotypical “settlement” of trailer homes on a windswept hilltop.

Mar-a-Lago Is Not on the Way to Auschwitz

From Moscow to Mar-a-Lago, public figures this week were inappropriately invoking Nazi-related terms to denounce developments that did not at all resemble those of the Nazi era.

“Leopoldstadt” and the Bombing of Auschwitz

The real history of the Jews in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district and other Jewish communities in that region is equally harrowing as what’s depicted in the Broadway play “Leopoldstadt.”

When Antisemites Sue the Jews

The suit that Al Jazeera has filed in the International Criminal Court could shine an embarrassing spotlight on the network itself.

Berkeley’s Version of “Ghetto Benches”

In many universities in pre-World War II Poland, antisemitic faculty and students humiliated Jewish students by forcing them to sit in the back of classrooms. Those areas came to be known as the “ghetto benches.”

Was FDR a Victim of the “Deep State”?

According to Ken Burns’s narrative, President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to help the Jews in Europe but was obstructed and undermined by his own State Department.


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