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Lee Zeldin: Trump’s Jewish mini-me

At a time when most Congressional Republicans are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump, one is behaving like a cheap clone of his party\’s presidential candidate, complete with mind-numbing outrageous charges and incendiary rhetoric.

Ted Cruz, as in lose

What\’s playing out in Washington this week is a classic example of that old political shibboleth, \”that may be what I said but that\’s not what I meant.\” Republicans are piously assuring us they have no desire to shut down the government only to go marching off toward the cliff.

Who really creates jobs?

There he goes again. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently told Fox News host Chris Wallace that “the government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does.” That’s a favorite mantra of Republicans. It may make a good sound bite, but there’s not a bit of truth in it.

Now is the time for Obama to visit Israel

President Obama leaves Saturday for a three-day trip to Burma, Thailand and Cambodia. On the way home he should stop in another Asian country, Israel. It\’s a trip he should have made early in his first term and is long overdue.

Tea Party: Will 2013 be payback time?

Chances for the partisan gridlock in Washington to get even worse next year increased last week with the victory in Texas of the Tea Party-backed candidate for the Republican Senate nomination.

How Ryan will motivate Jewish voters

Mitt Romney\’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate on the Republican ticket will help win Jewish votes. For the Democrats.

What is Assad trying to tell us?

Don’t ignore the Iranian nuclear program, but bear in mind it is still in the development stage and probably years away from producing weapons that can be delivered on missiles, and start worrying more about the largest WMD stockpile in the Arab world and the thousands of ballistic missiles that are real and ready to go. And they’re just a very short distance from Israel in Syria.

Opinion: Our man in Havana

I just returned from a week in Cuba on a people-to-people exchange tour to meet with members of Jewish communities in several cities and to learn about the country.


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