Picture of Debra L. Eckerling

Debra L. Eckerling

Deal or No Deal

Some women would argue that your expectations should go down the longer you are single. I say a deal breaker is a deal breaker, and the fact that you have turned 28
for several years in a row doesn\’t mean you should dismiss core things you want in a guy.

So sorry, wrong numbers

There are so many choices of singles events, but most of them don\’t seem to work for me: SpeedDating — concept is interesting, but my age range and location
never seem to match my availability; outdoor sports — not my thing, and it\’s not that I\’m out of shape, I\’m just a fair-skinned California girl who, in addition to not wanting to be burned to a crisp, has never shown much talent for volleyball or hiking; social dances — I went to enough of those alone when I was in junior high. Enough said.

No Deposit, No Return

Dating is difficult enough without asking for a guarantee. Imagine my surprise when the last guy I went out with wanted just that.


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