Products and Tips to get Glowing and Gorgeous for Your Wedding!

March 23, 2018

engaged productsAfter the excitement of the proposal wears off, your head starts flooding with all the things you want to do before the wedding day. We know near the top of that list will be looking your absolute best! In fact in all the years I have done wedding planning, EVERY bride has mentioned that she wanted to ensure she glowed outside as much as she was inside and wanted to be in great shape – even if it only meant losing a few pounds for that dress and/or tone up. So I did some research into a couple of products that have had great reviews and at the same time I wanted to support a small or family business.  I found two world class products and have seen wonderful reviews online. Both consultants use the products themselves and they provide tons of support. They both emphasized that clean eating is the start and half the battle and these awesome products are the cherry on top.

BTW I follow both these ladies on Facebook and I was so impressed by their dedication to their products and the support they give via groups and personal attention, that it was an easy decision to jump in myself and start the skin care and weight loss/tone up regimens as well! Ladies I would love it if you provide me with before and after photos as well and remember this is not just for brides….. if your bridesmaids or any of the bridal party want to start a get-healthy-and-glowing challenge we will post their pics too! Being healthy and looking great is a lifetime commitment! Don’t just do it for your special day.

Michelle Souther productsStarting with the skin, I introduce Michelle Souther of Rodan + Fields. If you are on Facebook you would have seen an increased number of posts about their incredible skin care & lash boost serum. In fact whether you’re the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom. or a VIP guest, you want your skin to be as smooth and flawless as the wedding. But.. how do you get your complexion to say “I do” for the big day too? Achieving a radiant, wedding-worthy complexion is a time investment, so you should start right away. We all know that unless it’s plastic surgery change does not happen overnight! Also, as you will be introducing a new skin care, from cleansers to sunless tanners, you should start no less than a month or two before the date, so you can eliminate any products that trigger even the slightest irritation. If you don’t have any complex skin care concerns, and you want smoother, softer, more even-looking skin—exfoliation is one of the safest, simplest ways to get your skin glowing.  Even the best makeup won’t hide the look of uneven skin texture, so Michelle suggests adding the Micro-Dermabrasion paste to your chosen regimen, which uses sugar and sea salt to gently scrub your skin. This paste will remove old, built-up skin cells and allow younger, more vibrant cells to appear on the surface—and your skin looks brighter after just one use.  I have actually used a few samples of this paste before and it really does give you a glow after one or two uses. BTW – both of these products are sold by these ladies direct to the consumer. This means you have a coach and consultant to help you every step of the way. Not some nameless customer service person on the other side of the phone.

Of course R+F has a regimen for various skin types and each one has its own approach. For instance don’t exfoliate if you have a skin concern like adult acne. Instead consider the UNBLEMISH Regimen, which targets blemishes and works to prevent future breakouts. If you’ve developed brown spots from sun exposure or hyperpigmentation, the REVERSE Regimen helps to visually brighten and even skin tone. (You might even get away with wearing less makeup.) As the most impressive results are seen over time, plan accordingly. If the event is less than a month away, our cardinal rule is to only stick with products that are currently compatible (or are extremely gentle) with your skin. To find out which regimen is best for your skin type click on the link and use the solution tool provided by the doctors….  https://youngforlife.myrandf.com/Pages/OurProducts/GetAdvice/SolutionsTool
You can also see before and after shots on the website and Michelle’s Facebook page and they are truly amazing!

Michelle Lash Boost productWhat should you avoid? In the last two or three weeks prior to the wedding, don’t even consider in-office dermatological procedures (like chemical peels or laser treatments) and resist any last-minute temptations to try new treatments. Keep up your natural glow by staying hydrated and moisturizing your skin. Last-minute facials (except gentle exfoliation) are off-limits, as are touching, picking or squeezing, which can all irritate or inflame the skin. Finally, avoid unnecessary stress (yes it is possible) and over-cleansing which can cause breakouts. Wear a hat where possible when you are in the sun and apply your sunscreen all the time! Again try these ahead of time so that your skin is used to the new products and you can find a formula that works with your makeup. Ultimately, through thick and thin, your skin is with you for life—so be good to it always.

As for the amazing lash boost! Michelle is her own best advertisement!…. just look at those lashes and the dewy skin! Now you see why I was convinced to give it a try myself. For those fabulous lashes the Lash Boost serum should be started about two to three months before the wedding.  To shop visit https://youngforlife.myrandf.com

Erin Postle productFrom fabulous skin care to losing those pesky pounds before the big day… This gorgeous lady with the dynamo body is Erin Postle and an inspiring example of living the life of her dreams. Erin’s story follows:

….”At the young age of 40, I was exhausted, overweight and in financial trouble. I felt hopeless. That was almost three years ago when I discovered Isagenix and began my journey. My initial results were incredible: 17 pounds in 30 days. After years of struggling with my weight, I was blown away. I shared Isagenix with everyone and steadfastly built a team. I made it my goal to be the best! I went from financially unstable to #3 Business Builder, Top Producer 2012 and Isaderby winner! I got my family out of debt and was financially free. Then we moved across the country and my old problems emerged. My weight started to rise and my fitness declined. Deep down, I knew that money and time meant very little if I was unhealthy and out of shape. At Isagenix events, I wore big clothes to hide my weight and drank booze to cover up my insecurity. I felt self-conscious and inauthentic. I had hit my rock bottom. At 5’6, I was 160 lbs and 29% body fat.  I had to make fitness a part of my life and the Isabody Challenge was the kick-start I needed. I found a gym, made a schedule and stuck to it.  finished my first Challenge at 26% body fat and 154 pounds. I made a commitment to my fitness, and followed through. But I knew I had more to achieve.  I immediately entered the Challenge again. I wanted to be a true ambassador for our company. If I could transform my business, I could transform my body too.
Erin Isagenix productI decided to take my lifelong dream of entering a figure competition and align it with the Isabody Challenge. What had once seemed unattainable was now going to be my goal!! The Isabody Challenge taught me discipline and laser focus. I took what I learned in business and applied it to my body. I worked hard, I lifted more, I dug deep. Isagenix was the fuel that transformed my body and the contest was the fire that kept me on track. I re-discovered how the 5 pillars of health could maximize my success. Sleep spray, Brain Boost, Isa-pro and Isa-Omega’s rounded out my Isagenix regime. Consistency was key. I did the Challenge not only for myself, but for my team. As a leader, it is not a choice but a responsibility to be at my peak – in business AND in health. Our Team culture is now infused with the vision of the Isabody Challenge. Dozens of people in our team are now joining!! By the end of 16 weeks, I had gone from 154 to 136 pounds and from 26% to 16% body fat, and now I am at 13%. Thanks to the Isabody Challenge, I now embody all that Isagenix stands for: Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Healthy Aging and Wealth Creation. I am totally fired up to step on stage and make my dreams come true – at both the Figure Show and at Celebration!!”

With this link you can reach Erin and from there she will guide you to her groups and as I mentioned she also does coaching so she will guide and inspire you all the way!  https://erinpostle.isagenix.com/en-CA/

As I mentioned before, both these amazing products are sold through network marketing and by supporting these ladies you can help them live their dream of owning a business on their terms while spending time with their families. Both have money-back guarantees and you will be purchasing a product that they not only sell, but personally use so they are living proof of how great it really is! They walk the walk! When you purchase skin care from a large store or corporation you are helping their CEO grow a multi-million dollar corporation. When you purchase supplements from GNC for instance you are helping that CEO add to his corporation’s millions. Not that there is anything wrong with that, however ….when you purchase products from these small business owners through network marketing, you are directly helping a guy or girl pay for their college tuition and moms and dads not only provide for their families, take care of their own health and wellness, but also help others do the same. They are spreading the wealth in more ways than one. Besides, the CEO of GNC is not going to take your call when you need help or have questions, but Michelle and Erin will! If you want to earn some part-time income or become the CEO of your own business, do mention it to these ladies. Why not earn some extra cash for your honeymoon!

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Do share your before and after pics with me! Let’s get glowing and healthy together!

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