Tisha B'Av

Rabbi Lisa Berney: Engaging Jewish Children and Teens

Growing up In Miami, Florida, Rabbi Lisa Berney was always involved in her Jewish community.

AOC Accuses Israel of Killing Al Jazeera Journalist: “Our Tax Dollars Are a Part of This”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) accused Israel of killing Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during a May 19 Instagram Live video and said that...

The Power of Speech

In a litigious world words have become a battlefield.

The Shmita Debate: A Clash of Utopias

The proper observance of shmita has been a topic of perennial debate in Israel's Orthodox community for the last 130 years.

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Pandemic Times

This week, we celebrate the 81st birthday of Robert Allen Zimmerman, one of America’s most celebrated singer-songwriters.
A group of pro-Palestinian protesters chanted anti-Israel slogans like “Long live the Intifada” and “We want all ‘48” in front the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles on...

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Grant Gochin: Fighting Genocides, Old and New

Let there be no doubt about the central priorities in the intensely focused life of Grant Arthur Gochin, the honorary consul for the Republic of Togo and vice dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps. 

The Little Known Dangers of Celiac Disease

Over the past decade, nutrition labels and restaurants have been increasingly offering gluten-free options, bringing celiac disease into the public eye. 

Providing the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Experience for the Unaffiliated

An initiative of The Community Shul, an Orthodox synagogue in Pico-Robertson, the program offers unaffiliated Jewish families affordable Sunday school lessons and a bar and bat mitzvah ceremony. 

Wiesenthal Center Gala, StandWithUs Events and Adat Ari El Rabbi Installation

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) and Museum of Tolerance honored Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue, with the 2022 Humanitarian Award, the...

Tlaib Introduces “Recognizing the Nakba” Resolution in Congress

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) introduced a resolution in Congress on May 16 that recognizes the Nakba, Arab for “catastrophe” in referencing Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948.


Why the News Can’t Make Us Happy

Many of us have a disconnect in our lives: we claim to seek happiness, but we can’t stop looking at the last thing that will make us happy — the news, especially the bad news.

Ukraine: What Is in America’s Interest?

As a result of the Russian invasion and partial destruction of Ukraine, the question “What is in America’s interest?” is the question of the day.

Double Standard Against Jews

Denigration of the Jewish state and its people is more commonly accepted than equally bigoted attacks on other marginalized targets.

Reflecting on 10 Years in Los Angeles

Ten years ago, my husband Daniel and I packed up our 2000 Toyota Camry, put our dogs in the backseat and started our journey from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to Pico-Robertson, Los Angeles.

Low Times at Beverly High

When I was a sixteen-year-old at Beverly Hills High School, I was suffering from acute depression. I just didn’t know it. And neither did anyone else.

Israel at 74: My Message from Jerusalem to the Harvard Crimson

While you take the low road and adopt the hateful doctrine of BDS, I have news for you - Israel is not going anywhere. It's here to stay.

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Los Angeles


Israel Set to Hold Its First NFT Auction as Local Artists Embrace New Technology

The first auction of NFT works in Israel will be held this month, as many artists and collectors embrace the emerging technology.

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Why I’m Pro-Abortion and Anti-Roe

While I favor abortion rights, I agree with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided.

The Buffalo Massacre Was More Than Meets the Eye 

In what has been called the “Buffalo Massacre,” on May 14, 2022 18-year-old white college student Payton Gendron shot over a dozen people, nearly all black.

Fail is a Four-Letter Word

Failure is all the rage. You can’t get through an instant of scrolling on LinkedIn or other social media sites without someone extolling failure’s...

Rethinking the Jewish Communal Enterprise

We are living through an extraordinary moment of Jewish communal realignment; everything is in play.

The Three Ds and the Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

It is painfully clear to anyone paying attention how much of the mainstream media, social media, and those who wish to destroy Israel are using the death of Abu Akleh to attack Israel.

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Can you grow sustainable, delicious meat in a lab?

Listen to the full episode on any of your favorite podcast platforms! In conversation with Yaky Yanay, CEO of Pluristem Therapeutics, an Israeli biotech firm...

Mindy and Mandy Moved Us While Oscars Snoozed Us

After briefly breaking down the Oscars, the Bagels compare it to the Jewish community after COVID (of course) and wonder if the trailers for "In The...

Rabbi Doctor Daniel Friedman: Talmud For Regular Folks

Author and speaker Daniel Friedman shares transformative wisdom from our Sages, as well as surprising research from his doctoral thesis on American Christian attitudes...

Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky: The Golden Age of the Lithuanian Yeshivas

Shmuel Rosner and Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky discuss his book: The Golden Age of the Lithuanian Yeshivas. Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky is a lecturer at Efrata College in Jerusalem. A...

This Isn’t About Kamala, It’s About America

I was sad to hear about Kamala Harris and the student incident. Not because I’m worried about the support for Israel, but because I’m worried about the state of America.

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Two Things Lakers Fans Must Do This Month

The HBO series “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is the closest thing Angelenos have to watching a hometown NBA team in the playoffs this spring.

Israeli UFC Fighter Dedicates Victory to Holocaust Victims

Moments after his first victory on the UFC roster, Israeli fighter Natan Levy stood in the center of the octagon and spoke not only about his keys to victory, but also made a heartfelt announcement to the audience. 

Stories – Not Scandals – Reign Supreme on New Comedy Podcast, “You Don’t Know Schiff”

When comedian and Jewish Journal columnist Mark Schiff wanted to start his new podcast, he had one thing in mind: don’t make it contentious.

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