Casey Anthony is a Killer & Kim Kardashian Needs To Go Away – UPDATED

I am saddened by the Casey Anthony verdict.  I believe now, as I always have, that she killed her little girl.  A mother does not wait 31 days to report her child missing, and not have a hand in what happened to her.  Caylee Anthony was murdered by her mother and this verdict will not convince me otherwise.

It is so sad that this child has been disrespected in such a way.  She was killed and left alone in the woods for months.  When will she be remembered and given justice?  I thought the OJ Simpson trial in 1995 was the jury system at it’s worst, yet here I am, again wondering what has happened.

It was attorney Robert Kardashian who helped free OJ SImpson after he murdered two people, and today his daughter Kim commented on the verdict by tweeting, “WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!!! I am speechless!!!” 

Why does ANYONE care about what she says, when all she does is make sex tapes and seek fame for no apparent reason, with no apparent talent? I wonder if she is as shocked today as the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were when her father helped free their killer. 

I cried when OJ Simpson was found not guilty.  I was pregnant with my son and the pain of Ron Goldman’s family was suffocating to me.  Fifteen years later I still don’t understand how that verdict was reached.  The verdict today has left me feeling the same shock and crying once again.

I think Kim Kardashian’s opinion on this case, and anything else for that matter, is irrelevant.  I would be more interested to hear her comment on the OJ Simpson case and how he was acquitted of brutally killing two innocent people with the help of her father.

I will keep Caylee in my prayers and hope the truth comes out at some point so she can rest in peace.  God Bless Caylee.  We must honor all children who have been harmed because they matter.  Although difficult on a day like this, we must remember to keep the faith.

UPDATE:  Casey Anthony was sentenced to 4 years in prison, less time served, and a $4000.00 fine.  She will be free on Sunday, July 17th.  She killed her little girl and now gets to celebrate that she got away with it.  There is no justice for Caylee.