Chris Hansen of “To Catch A Predator” is Caught Cheating

I love watching NBC’s To Catch a Predator.  It is fascinating how stupid people can be, and frightening how dangerous seemingly “normal” people, can get caught in such compromising, illegal, and creepy situations.  I have admired Chris Hansen and how he keeps his cool when dealing with these people. My favorite part is when he tells them to “Have a seat”.

When Hansen catches Internet sexual predators, grown men who are married with children, going to meet underage kids for sex, then cry and say it was a mistake and they didn’t mean it, it is shocking.  Remember when the Rabbi was caught going to have sex with a minor?  It became so popular, that people would recognize Hansen the moment they were busted.

What goes around has definitely come around for Hansen, who has been caught on tape, cheating on his wife, by the National Enquirer.  The seedy D List magazine has busted the award winning NBC newsman.  That’s got to hurt.  He was filmed while out on a date with television reporter Kristyn Caddell, who happens to be 20 years his junior.

Allegedly Hansen has been cheating on his wife with Caddell for the past four months, and has not appeared to be working too hard to hide it as they went for dinner at a hotel, then back to her apartment, where he stayed the night.  Hansen, who is 51 and has two young sons, got caught at his own game, which must be one hell of a payback, as well as super embarrassing.

There are a lot of men, in a lot of jails, who are rejoicing at Hansen’s bad luck.  One would think that a ma, who has made his mark by catching people on tape in compromising positions, would be a little more careful in his own illicit affair.  I’m not sure he can host this show anymore because like the men he catches, he is now a pig, just like them.  I hope she was worth it.

At what point does taking such huge risks go from being exciting to stupid?  Did he want to get caught so he could get out of his marriage?  Could he not have done it in a way that would save his reputation and career?  Sex is a powerful thing so I hope it was good and worth it.  You are officially a predator Mr. Hansen, so have a seat, watch the video, and keep the faith