Did Bristol Palin Get Pregnant by “Rapist” Levi Johnston?

Bristol Palin is a sweet girl who is loving the spotlight and sucking every last opportunity out of it. Her new memoir, “Not Afraid of Life”, is a book I am never going to read.  That said, based on what I heard about her book, she should be ashamed of herself for saying things she can’t ever take back.

Bristol writes that Levi “stole” her virginity when she was plastered on wine coolers.  He knew she wanted to wait until marriage, but had sex with her anyway, but she is not saying it was date rape.  Really? That is exactly what she is saying and if I were Johnston, I would be furious.  It’s all very sad.

She can never take this accusation back.  Rape is a dangerous word to throw around and after 5 years, a child, two engagements, and a lot of mud slinging from both sides, her talking rape now makes me angry, not sympathetic.  It feels like a publicity stunt, not a heartfelt admission.

Perhaps Bristol was in love, got drunk, screwed a loser, got knocked up, got dumped, is embarrassed, and now tweaking her memory in an attempt to crucify him and get some book sales.  Perhaps she wants it to be true so bad she believes it.  Who knows, but the timing is simply not kosher.

She says what he did was rape without calling it rape in the book, then in promoting the book let’s everyone know she did not say rape, but is using the word rape in every interview.  I think she is back peddling to save face as her mother prepares to run for President. She has forever tagged the father of her child as a rapist, and I have no respect for her fame whore tactics.

It does not matter that she is telling everyone Johnston did not rape her, because she already put it out there, and can’t change the fact people will think he assaulted her.  It was a sleazy move, and perhaps not her idea, but Johnston showed us he was unsavory all by himself and this label was not necessary. Pulling the rape card is unconscionable.

I wonder how her son will react when he is older and reads her book.  It’s bad enough he will see the palpable hate between Johnston and his entire family, but to then be labeled the child of a rapist is heartbreaking.  In the end did her hate for Levi trump her love for her son?  I pray for her innocent little boy, and suggest Bristol start keeping the faith.