Galid Shalit – What Does 5 Years Look Like?

Today marks the 5th year of captivity for IDF soldier Galid Shalit.  Five years is a long time in a normal life, so it must be forever for Galid. This young man needs to come home. In the time Galid has been a prisoner, my son has had his Bar Mitzvah, started high school, become taller than me, started shaving, experienced love, mended my broken heart, and began to dream big.

As he prepares to go away for a few weeks of summer vacation, my heart is beating a little faster and my tears are coming a little quicker.  Four weeks seems like a lifetime and I will miss him.  What does 5 years look like to you?  Make a list of all the things that have happened in your life, and the world, in the past five years and you will see that it is a profound amount of time.

My life is revolving around four weeks and so in comparison to five years it seems insignificant.  It is my reality though and so I will feel everything that comes along, and count the days.  Counting the days is my blessing.  I know the exact moment I will see my son again and I take comfort in that.  The best part of his going away is that he is coming back. We need to bring Galid back.

Search the Internet and you can learn about Galid.  Sign petitions, send letters, and pray.  Don’t just think about how he needs to come home, do something.  Nothing is insignificant, everything matters. It is time for the world to show compassion on behalf of this boy and raise their voices so he can come home.  Horrible things happen everyday and we need to help each other.

We have one world and one life.  There are a million things to fight over, and a million things to unite over.  Make a difference.  If not for Galid, then for something else.  Do something that makes a difference to someone other than yourself.  Be decent.  Be kind. Be compassionate. Be brave.  Life is complicated, but helping someone is not. Pray. Believe. Keep the faith.