New York Does the Right Thing and Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Today Governor Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s gay marriage bill, making gay marriage legal in the state of New York.  God Bless the people of New York for making the correct decision and allowing all of her residents to be equal.  It was the right thing, it was the only choice, and God is pleased.

As wonderful as this news it, it is a painful reminder that California is living in the dark ages and continues to ban gay marriage.  I am not gay and I am not married, but the marriage that I want for myself is inspired by the marriages of my gay friends.  They are my role models.

This vote is not a victory for gay people, but rather a victory for humanity.  The true celebration will be when our entire country allows all of her citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, to marry the person who makes them happy.  That day will come, and until it does, I am keeping the faith.