Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads & the Moms Who Fill the Role of a Dad

I miss my Dad everyday, but today just a little bit more.  He was always very proud of his four children and desperately loved his grandchildren.  When he passed away he had 5 grandkids and today there are 8.  The older ones spend a lot of time talking about him which allows the little ones to know him.

My son loved him very much and I feel blessed that my boy was able to meet my remarkable Dad.  I also feel blessed that my son has a relationship with his own father.  If I am going to be honest I have done the work of a father and a mother on my own, and feel that his dad has fallen short on occasion.

That said, it’s better that I don’t like him and he’s in my kid’s life, than my kid not like him because he’s not present.  My son is out with his dad today and I am going to mark my efforts in raising this boy by getting a massage, having lunch with a girlfriend, and raising a glass to the memory of my dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate.  Whether it’s your first one, or your father has passed, create a memory, or hold one close to your heart. To my brother, you are a wonderful man, and a remarkable father.  I love you, dad is alive in you, and it is amazing to see him in how you are with your kids.  Enjoy the day, love your kids, honor your dads, and keep the faith.