Anthony is Packing up His Weiner and Resigning as Congressman

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Anthony Weiner is going to resign.  He has been sharing the news with friends and an announcement is going to happen sooner rather than later.  We all knew it would come to this, but it’s still a shock that his political career is ending this way.

People won’t write about the incredible things he did for New York, or his important work on health care reform, or that he helped stop tobacco trafficking, or all of his work on behalf of the disenfranchised.  All they will remember is that he was a bit of a pervert who took inappropriate pictures.

It was never about the pictures and I wonder if things would have ended up differently if he had not lied and admitted from the beginning that it was him in the picture. He would have still been still a freak, but not a liar.  Well still a liar, but not to his constituents. He unraveled his life and the regret must be intense.

There will be a press conference and he will apologize to his constituents, his colleagues, and his family.  He will cry, and we will watch a man fall part on television, which is rather unfortunate.  I do not think his wife will be by his side when he speaks, but I hope she sticks with him off camera.

This is a sad story.  He is taking a great fall for something that on the sliding scale of inappropriate behavior of politicians, was not that bad.  When you think of what others have done, this is not that big of a deal and it’s shame he is paying such a huge price for such a small sin.

It’s a teachable moment for me as I am raising a boy to be a man, and there are lessons to be learned.  As the Congressman prepares to step down I applaud him for a job well done and hope people will eventually be able to look past the scandal and to the important work he did.

A lie, no matter how small, can become something so big you cannot recover from it.  It’s a tough lesson and the fallout is the same whether you are a public figure or not. One must think before lying because once you cross that line, it will not matter whether or not you keep the faith.