Boston Bruins Win The Stanley Cup & George Clooney is Still a Possibility

I am crushed that the Vancouver Canucks lost game 7 of The Stanley Cup.  It was theirs to lose and they did so in grand fashion.  I tried to will them to a win and even though I came across as cocky, I would do it again because it was done with love. It’s a sad end to the dream.

I thought this would finally be the year the Cup came back to Canada, but it was not in the stars for Vancouver. One could argue that considering 18 players on the Bruins are Canadian it was like we won, but it does not work like that. We lost, and it sucks.

Boston deserved to win and I’m happy for the Canadian players who won.  The Cup did not go to Canada but it went to Canadians which is as it should be.  I’ve decided the reason Vancouver lost is because the next Canadian team to win should be the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Boston has waited 39 years to win which is forever, but still not as long as Toronto who last won since 1967.  If Boston can do it, then so can Toronto.  I know it’s a long shot but it could happen.  Stop laughing.  It might happen.  Seriously, stop laughing.  That’s rude.

I would love the Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.  It might take a miracle but miracles happen, so I believe.  Since I am able to believe for the Leafs, then I must be able to believe something for myself.  Therefore I choose to believe that one day I will dance with George Clooney.

I don’t want a date because I would be too nervous and not enjoy myself.  I just want a dance.  I want to hold him close, lean against him, smell him, have his hand on the small of my back as we take a spin around the floor to a fabulous song.  I’m thinking something divine by Barry White.

The chances for peace in the Middle East are probably better than the Maple Leafs ever winning the Stanley Cup again, and I will probably win the lottery before I ever dance with George Clooney, but even so, there is still a chance for all of it to happen so I must continue to believe.

I love hockey so having The Stanley Cup finals go 7 games is great, even if my team lost.  Boston played brilliantly and they deserved the championship.  As for peace in Israel, winning the lottery, Leafs winning the Stanley Cup and my dancing with Clooney?  I’m keeping the faith.