Is Hockey the Secret to my Dating Success? Go Canucks!

I love hockey.  Love it.  It is an exciting game to watch, and growing up in Canada, it’s a way of life.  If there ain’t no blood, it’s just figure skating.  I enjoy the game and in my opinion, hockey players are delicious.  Give me a man on skates, with a scar or two, and I’m in heaven.

I have been sporting a Vancouver Canucks sweatshirt since the playoffs started, and have worn it for every game of The Stanley Cup. It’s quite old and worn, but I love it.  I spent 6 years in Langley, British Columbia as a child, and the memories of my time there are wonderful.

I never thought my old Canucks sweatshirt would have the same effect on men as a baby or a puppy does on chicks.  It’s quite remarkable.  When I wear it, men want to talk to me about hockey.  Even if they are with a woman, they want to talk and know what my picks are.

Maybe it’s because hockey is not a huge deal in Los Angeles, or maybe it’s because men want any opportunity to talk sports, or maybe seeing a chick with any sign of an interest in hockey is hot.  Whatever the reason is, it turns out this sweatshirt might be just what my dating life needed.

After the tragic loss last night, I ran to the market in my tear stained Canucks garb and had a lovely 20 minute conversation with a charming man who told me he went to a Stanley Cup game in 1975.  He was from Buffalo, and hearing his story of that championship was fascinating.

His name was Jim and he told me the 1975 Buffalo Sabres team was made up of only Canadian players, which made me proud.  I am a mom, I am Jewish, I am a writer, and I am Canadian.  It defines who I am as a human being and there is a pride in being a Canadian that is very special.

When I tell people I am Canadian they say they knew a Canadian once, name of Richard, and ask if I know him.  It cracks me up when people think we all know each other and the weird thing is that on several occasions I have actually known the Richard they are talking about.

Hockey is a great sport and it would be great to meet a man who loves it like I do.  I believe Vancouver will win game 7 at home, which will be magical, and also give me a reason to wear the sweatshirt a little longer, and perhaps meet a hockey loving man.  I’m keeping the faith!