The Vancouver Canucks Will Win The 2011 Stanley Cup. Period.

I want very much for Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup.  With a 3-2 lead in the series, it looks like it just might happen.  By “just might” of course I mean we are going to win and make Boston cry.  It’s our game, and it’s time for Lord Stanley’s Cup to return to Canada, where it belongs.

The last time a Canadian team won the cup was when the Montreal Canadiens were victorious back in 1993.  That’s a long time for a county to wait for the return of something so beloved.  It is time.  I grew up in British Columbia so it makes the victory a litter sweeter, and much more personal.

Canada and hockey go together like Laurel and Hardy, salt and pepper, sushi and sake.  Important to note that the Boston Bruins have a total of 18 Canadian players this year, so one could argue that Canada wins either way.  This is our game, it’s our cup, and I am confidant it’s coming home.

I am so sure, I have a wager going with a friend who is delusional and thinks Boston will win.  The loser, that will be him, has to take the winner, that will be me, to an NHL game next season, in the city of their choice.  I am so excited to be going home to a Maple Leafs game.

I love the Toronto Maple Leafs.  They won their first Stanley Cup in 1932 and have not won since 1967.  My dream is for me to see them win another one.  I love hockey.  It is fantastic to watch, exhilarating to play, and has the sexiest players of any sport.  Big, gorgeous, yummy, men.

Monday, June 13, 2011 is going to be a glorious day as it will mark the date the Stanley Cup came home.  I wish Vancouver all the luck in the world and I will be watching and believing.  Boston can talk all the smack they want, they are just bitter because they know the end is in sight.

I am a proud Canadian and I truly love the game of hockey.  I cannot wait to watch Vancouver win tomorrow night and I will be in front of the television with a Molson, cheering the boys on.  I believe, Vancouver believes, Canada believes, and we are keeping the faith.