What Did We Learn from the Sarah Palin Email Witch-Hunt?

I have written a lot of things about Sarah Palin, both good and bad depending which side of the political aisle you are on.  I do not agree with much of what she says or believes, but I have met her, spent some time talking to her, and think she is a pretty awesome person, politics aside.

Someone decided we needed to see the emails from her time as Governor of Alaska.  Good thing we spent so much time and money on this epic failure.  No big bombshell, or secret was uncovered.  It was a crazy witch-hunt that made everyone involved, other than Mrs. Palin, look stupid.

The only reason to look into her emails was to attempt to find something to use against and her, and perhaps end her political career, but there was nothing interesting.  Nothing of particular relevance, or anything that would immediately eliminate her from a presidential race.  There was nothing.

You can’t help but wonder why it has not been requested that we see all the emails of Mitt Romney from when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. Why don’t we demand the emails of everyone who is going to run for President?  That would be the fair thing to do.

Most people either love or hate Sarah Palin.  I don’t love or hate her, I do however like her, and think she needs to be treated with a little more kindness.  It is my belief that should she run, she will not be elected as President.  I personally would not vote for her, but support her running.

She has millions of supporters who want her to be their President, and those Americans deserve the chance to have their voices heard. Palin supporters have been both kind and crazy when it comes to my blog. If I’m nice, so are they. If I’m not, it’s war. They are fueled by passion.

I think everyone should be welcomed to the table in the Presidential election of 2012.  We must all get a chance to listen, question, and decide on our own.  Politics is rough and not always fair, but instead of wasting time on a witch-hunt, perhaps we could work on civility and decency.

There will be a cloud over the democratic winner if the next year is spent trying to ruin Mrs. Palin.  Just let her run.  Everything we need to know to make the right decision will be presented for all to see, from both sides. The attacks on her would imply that perhaps people are scared of her.

Are they scared of her because of what she stands for, or perhaps because they know she has a shot?  At the end of the day everything will come out in the wash, so let’s allow everyone hang themselves. Stop the witch hunting, trust the democratic process, and keep the faith.