Anthony Weiner Has a Pregnant Wife and an Uncertain Future

I feel sorry for Anthony Weiner.  I think he made a series of really stupid mistakes, but is inherently a good guy.  The comparisons to other politicians and their indiscretions are going to be made, but I think he needs to be separated out from the group of high profile political dogs of late.

You cannot say that he is like Edwards to Schwarzenegger, you cannot compare him to Sanford or Spitzer, as he has not had any physical contact with women other than his wife.  He got caught up in something he did not understand, and his loss will be great. All this and he didn’t even get laid.

It is being reported today that his wife of a year is pregnant.  I cannot even begin to imagine what this woman is going through, but I imagine it’s not as bad as what Mr. Weiner is feeling and experiencing.  I truly feel sorry for this man, who has done so much good, that this will be the history everyone remembers.

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is currently in North Africa with her boss, Hilary Clinton, which I imagine is both a blessing a curse.  A blessing in that she can escape some of the attention, and a curse that she is dealing with this separate from her husband. I suppose that might actually be a blessing too.

Part of me wants to yell at everyone to leave her alone, but the other part wants to know how it will play out.  I wish them well, hope her pregnancy is not affected by stress, and that their pain eases so their baby is brought into a loving and caring home.

Anthony Weiner will, in my opinion, not recover professionally from this mess.  I hope and pray however, that he recovers personally so he and his wife can provide a peaceful home for their child, whether they are together or not.  I hope it’s together though, so I’m keeping the faith.