Jews: Spitzer, Weiner, Strauss-Kahn vs. Gentiles: Schwarzenegger, Edwards, Sanford

The last couple of years have seen a lot of news stories on politicians behaving badly with affairs and silly pictures over Twitter.  There are different levels of inappropriate behavior, and while we’ll never know why certain choices were made, it’s interesting to try to figure it out.  Perhaps the best place to begin is by separating the Jews from the Gentiles.

Let’s use these six men for our experiment:

Eliot Spitzer – Jewish

Anthony Weiner – Jewish

Dominique Strauss-Kahn – Jewish

John Edwards – Gentile

Mark Sanford – Gentile

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gentile

The non-Jews in our experiment all had affairs.  They had relationships outside of their vows.  They were “classic” adulterers.  They cheated, but their relationships were not just about sex.  All three had ongoing relationships with the women they slept with, and continue to be connected to them after the scandals that took them down.

The Jews however, were caught in not so normal behavior, by using the Internet for pseudo-sexual encounters, paying for prostitutes, and allegedly attacking women for forced sex.  Are the Jews cowards, or geniuses?  By not engaging in a relationship, did the Jews think it was not cheating?  Could their approach be seen as more of a mistake in judgment rather than a sin?

If you pay someone, use your computer, or force them, does that make you a better husband that having an emotional connection and full blown relationship outside of your marriage?  The Gentiles who cheated all had their marriages end, and they all continue to have, or actually be in, relationships with the women they cheated with.

They are humiliated, and have ruined their careers and reputations, but they are viewed as pigs and dogs, not deviants or violent predators, as the Jews are.  John Edwards cheated on his dying wife, had a baby, and is now being indicted for using campaign money to cover up the affair.  He is a dog, a pig, a liar, and a moron.  He is not a deviant or violent.

Mark Sanford cheated on this wife, left her and their children for his “soul mate”, gave up his job, career, and seemingly good life, to be with the woman he cheated with.  Arnold Schwarzenegger slept with his housekeeper, had a baby with her, and continued to have her working in the home he shared with his wife and children for years without his family knowing.

Sanford and Schwarzenegger are dogs to be sure.  They violated marriages, devastated children, humiliated wives, and ruined their careers.  Their sexual encounters became something bigger than just a romp in the sack though.  They still have relationships with the women they were with, and the kids they had.  After the sin, did they do right thing?

The Jews on the other hand were not as committed with their sinning.  Eliot Spitzer slept with hookers using another name, Anthony Weiner sent pictures from his own account instead of having a fake Twitter for his indiscretions, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn was allegedly blatant in his desires for sex, with no attempt to change his name either.

Are the Jews just dumber?  Is the feeling that if you simply “play around” it’s not as offensive, or perhaps less of a sin, than having an actual affair that involves time and emotional investment?  If you cheat and tell your wife, will she forgive you more easily than if you don’t tell her and she finds out on her own?  Are there differently levels of sin?

Another option could be that Jewish men are oppressed sexually which makes them a little more deviant in their behavior.  Maybe they are kinkier and think they need something other than a regular old mistress to have their sexual fantasies met.  If you are paying a hooker then I imagine you get what you pay for, and therefore can pay for anything you want.

If you send your pictures over the Internet, there is a level of danger that could be a turn on.  Talking to someone and letting them know what you want them to do is less dirty than having them actually do it, and forcing someone to satisfy you sexually takes on a different set of sins.  Do DSK and Weiner have sexually submissive and boring wives, forcing them to go another way?

Do men throw away their careers for sex?  It’s not that simple in my opinion.  Arnold slept with his housekeeper, but took care of her and their son for years, so even though he is a douchebag, there is an underlying level of decency.  Sanford ruined his family, but found love in his soul mate whore and remained with her after he lost everything, so he was decent to her.

Edwards put a dark cloud over the final years of his wife’s life, but supports the daughter from his affair, and continues a relationship with her.  I imagine he regrets his choices with his recent indictment, but would it be a regret without the pending legal battle? The Gentiles are disgusting, cowardly men, but in the end followed their sins up with decency.

The Jews have an added layer of disgust and disappointment to their sinning, and to be honest, I’m not sure if perhaps I view it that way because I am a Jew myself.  Do I hold them up to a higher standard?  Are they presumed to be menschy?  Weiner has been married only a year.  What is going on with him that this risky and dangerous behavior is happening?

Spitzer worked to close prostitution rings, yet was caught with hookers.  DSK put himself in compromising situations with everything to lose.  Were the Jewish men trying to get caught to escape unhappy lives?  Does the mensch come into play by them ruining their lives, taking all the blame, and ugliness on themselves so they can get out, and their wives are the victims?

What does a wife do when faced with her husband’s deviant behavior?  It is being reported today that Weiner’s wife is pregnant with their first child.  What does she do now?  Maria Shriver has a 25 year history ending so how does she start over?  Does DSK’s wife just look away and continue to live her life of wealth and comfort?

Is it easier to forgive a naked picture over the Internet than a full blown affair?  Is the sin in the desire to do something bad, or is it only when a physical line is crossed?  Are Jewish men afraid of their wives?  The same wives that don’t stimulate them sexually? Or do they love them, and want to be caught so as not to hurt them?

I think it’s all fascinating and I wonder if any of these men, Jews or Gentiles, will ever have the balls to come clean and explain what happened that led them to their choices.  Can a man be so unhappy, or perhaps so deviant, that he throws away everything for nothing?  Jew or Gentile, dog or deviant, at the end of the day, these men need to try keeping the faith.