Donald Trump & Sarah Palin Eat Pizza with a Knife and Fork? WTF Indeed

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin met at Trump’s apartment for a private meeting, and then hopped in his limo to go grab a slice of pizza.  Who are they kidding?  Are we supposed to believe that they all gathered around the gold leafed table and decided go grab a slice? Then they make the unbelievable laughable, when they eat their pizza with a knife and fork.  It just doesn’t taste good that way.  Come on Donald, you’re a New Yorker!

It was staged and lame and a missed opportunity for us to view them as serious.  I think a Palin/Trump ticket would be awesome.  I have met both Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, and think what you want about these people, they are electric separately and I imagine could be magic together.  People may not care if they run together but I can guarantee you they would pay attention.  It could be a train wreck or a rocket ship.

I’m not voting in the election as I’m not an American, but I will, as I always have, volunteer my time to the candidates I support.  I am liberal in most of my views, but conservative in others.  I am also sick and tired of people towing the party line and caring more about what they are told to care about by their party, over what they believe in and know is best for the country.  I guess that technically makes me an Independent which is cool.

So my non-voting volunteer hours are up for grabs.  I love President Obama and I supported him in the last election, but he’s going to have to earn my support in 2012, just as anyone would, and just as all candidates should for all of us.  There are no guarantees in life, including that people will vote with their party.  Voting is private and I’m guessing there will be a lot of private party jumping come next November.

The political process is exciting and I love an election year. Once we know who is really in the race is when it starts to get good, and until they officially announce they are in, what they say or do is not that important to me.  I have no idea who will run, or who I will support, but I am quite certain that I want the President and the Vice President of the United States to pick up their pizza and eat it with their hands, so I’m keeping the faith.