Am I Actually Missing Danielle Staub on Real Housewives of New Jersey?

This week starts out with Kathy talking to her husband Rich, who I love.  She is complaining Teresa was not open to talking with her. She says she wants to have a sit down with Caroline to clear the air and set things straight between the two of them.

Teresa is at a photo shoot for her new cookbook.  Bless her but she is so dumb.  She is telling her publisher she does not like recipes with a lot of “ingrediences” and pronounces cumin as “kummin”.  It is fascinating this woman is New York Times best selling author.

Back at Melissa’s, Joe gets home and he is pissed off and not talking to her. It’s because she has not had sex with him in four days and his body is full of “poison”.  She is telling him she is tired and he is telling her, in front of his kids, he must be “serviced” whenever he wants and without sex he will die.

Jacqueline goes to see a fortuneteller.  She may be dumber than Teresa.  She sys when she first went to see her, she was very “skeptic”.  The fortune faker is telling her stuff anyone who watches the show knows.  This show is laughable.  Why are we watching?

Albie and Christopher have gotten their own apartment and it’s moving day. Jacqueline gave them a stripper pole, which is interesting because Caroline is carrying it down the hall and it’s clearly used.  Did she get it on Craig’s list from Danielle during her moving sale?

Jacqueline’s parents are visiting and her dad tells her part of Ashley’s issues are because of her since she gave her daughter a broken home. Ouch.  We find out Ashley’s dad is remarried with 4 kids.  If she hates being with her mom so much, why not go to her Dad?

Kathy goes to talk to Caroline but she could care less.  She is not receptive to Kathy, does not acknowledge it was nice of her to come and try to clear the air.  I like Caroline but she was a bitch to Kathy.  That said, Kathy’s appeal is fading.

Melissa is giving her kids a bath and Joe is insisting they have sex. She is focused on babies and he is demanding sex, in front of his kids. It’s so gross it’s funny.  He tells the camera about the high sex drive of his family but we already knew because Teresa told us.

Rich gives Kathy a new Mercedes as a surprise gift and she never once says thank you.  She gets in the car, drives off, talked to her kids about it, but never says thank you.  He gives her flowers too, she throws out a thanks, gives the flowers back, and gets in the car.  I thought she was rude.

Kim D is having Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline to a shop in the city to pick out clothes.  Why is Kim allowed back on this show?  She is not interesting.  Teresa is talking about Thanksgiving and Kim is answering for her and belittling Teresa.  I am not a fan of the Kim’s.

Caroling tells Teresa that Kathy came to visit her and Teresa is not having it. She refuses to take any blame for what is going on in her family and it’s frustrating.  She simply does not hear and is more concerned with taking blame than trying to fix a war in her own family.

Teresa comes over to Jacqueline’s to get her help on a letter to her brother.  She tells the camera that she has more brains than her brother and since she ‘s the older one, she is going to not be stubborn and work to make the family better.  Her letter is sad and I felt for her.

Jacqueline is trying to help her tweak it and play to her audience and Teresa is not having any of it.  Teresa only wants to talk about herself and could care less about her brother.  Sidebar:  Jacqueline has had so much fuller put in her mouth that her upper lip does not move at all.  Icky.

Her attempts to write the letter reminded me of Cher write the letter to her son in MASK when he was at summer camp.  She was tortured and try to make it look like she didn’t care but she was tormented as she tried to get it perfect.  At the end of the day this family is clearly unstable.

Melissa and Joe get home and find the letter Teresa has left.  Joe refuses to read it so Melissa does.  It turns out Teresa wrote a very nice letter.  Sidebar:  Who goes to work out in full make up?  It’s insane how much make up these chicks wear.  Melissa tellsr Joe to call Teresa.

Next week it’s Thanksgiving in New Jersey and it will be interesting to see what happens with the family at war.  This show is becoming less and less entertaining every week. Will it eventually get to the point where I actually miss Danielle?  I hope not, so I’m keeping the faith.