The Real Housewives of New York Temporarily Relocate to Morocco

The “ladies” are off to Morocco and the show starts with LuAnn, Jill, Kelly and Cindy on their flight.  LuAnn is teaching them important Arabic words and butchering the language.  Jill is being loud, Kelly is being oddly calm, and poor Cindy has no idea that she is going on holiday in Crazytown.

They get to their house and it’s fabulous.  They are all nice and warm to the staff and it’s cute.  Cindy was cute as she kept bowing to the house lady.  You can tell so much about someone by how they treat staff, and these chicks were lovely which was nice because it could have gone either way.

As these four are getting settled, Sonja, Ramona and Alex are on their flight.  Ramona is worried that they will not have her comforts in Morocco, Sonja is off scoping the plane for mile high options, and Alex calls Simon.  She calls him “beautiful boy” which is nauseating but funny.

The two drunks and chick with the gay husband arrive and they are on their way to the house.  Sonja is talking about how she’s been around the world and is used to high end travel, and it is too funny because that was a million year ago.  She is a complete poser.

Back at the house Cindy is trying to call her kids so she can sing to them over the phone.  They are babies and clearly can’t talk to her, but the nanny tells her they know it’s her and like the call. Kelly is trying to burst her bubble and it’s hilarious.  Who knew kelly would be so great?

It’s cute that she calls and cries.  I like Cindy and think her and Kelly are a fun combination.  Poor Cindy is away from her kids and trying to be one of the gang meanwhile she is about to enter in Crazytown.  It will be interesting to see how she handles it and I hope she keeps her balls.

Countless and Jill are playing tennis and LuAnn says Ramona sent an email of requests.  She needs 600 thread count sheets, hand weights,  and pinot.  I don’t know why she was invited because they would never travel together. Bravo is scripting an international scandal.

Is the money and fake celebrity so great that they are willing to compromise themselves in such a way?  I guess so.  These three weeks of shows are going to be fabulous to watch.  I’ve got a bottle of wine ready because a train wreck is coming!

In the car ride to the house Sonja and Ramona are insane.  They are rude, obnoxious and the very reason foreign countries hate Americans.  Alex the supermodel is embarrassed and Ramona tells the camera Sonja travels the world.  Clearly Ramon is putting Sonja Kool-aid in her pinot.

The drunks and supermodel arrive and LuAnn goes out to meet them.  She is standing with the staff telling them how wonderful they all are when the trash blows in.  Sonja is worried the driver will steal her stuff, Ramona is manic, and Alex is just happy to get away from them.

Jill is telling the camera she needs to have a conversation with Ramona on this trip.  Newsflash Jill, no you don’t. She learns nothing from past mistakes and like to repeat your errors. She talks to the camera with her new hair and she looks pretty but ridiculous at the same time.  Poor Jill.

Kelly is pleased with their arrival and Jill is the voice of doom, certain something bad is coming.  Ramona insists the house lady unpack her.  She is in Morocco for a week and has packed as if she is going to a hooker convention in Vegas.  Ramona is a drunk and driving me to drink.

Alex is getting settled while the other four ladies are having lunch.  They are talking about Ramona’s inappropriate clothes.  Kelly is hilarious, Jill is a gossip who cannot keep her mouth shut, and Cindy is slowly realizing what she is dealing with.

Cindy goes to her room and sees her hangers are missing.  Someone has taken her hangers and all eyes point to Ramona.  Cindy is a successful woman, and a grown up, and she is about to spend a week of high school in Morocco. I feel bad for her.

Ramona is mean, drunk, and nasty.  LuAnn goes to see what is happening and they are all cackling hens about the hangers.  I cannot image how it would be worth it to do this show.  Do they not see how we see them?  This show must mortifying to their daughters.

Ramona and Sonja have decide to go out.  I mean sneak out.  They just left and it was by accident that LuAnn saw them.  By accident of course I mean a producer told her to run out.  LuAnn is annoyed and Jill is gossiping again.  She cannot control herself.

LuAnn is talking about how well off Sonja is, and Kelly disagrees.  She tells the truth about Sonja and I love it. I’m thinking Sonja has no money and would venture a guess that she will have a custody battle on her future.  She lives in squalor and that’s not good for her kid.

LuAnn, Cindy, Jill and Cindy go shopping and run into Brad.  He’s the one who ruined Jill’s apartment.  Jill tells us she told him to come, which is weird.  This guy is not entertaining.  He is boring so I’m not sure how he scored camera time in Morocco.

Brad is having a party and the ladies are all going.  LuAnn goes to gather all the girls and Sonja and Ramona are hammered.  Jill tells Ramona her hair looks great but her hair looks ridiculous.  Alex is rested and ready to go, while Sonja and Ramona look like hookers.

LuAnn is trying to be a lady but she is seething.  She has a famous Moroccan designer come to make kaftans for the ladies and it’s a mess.  Ramona is rude, Sonja is slutty, LuAnn is mortified, and Alex is wondering if as a supermodel she can walk in his next fashion show.

They arrive to the party and Brad makes a b-line to Ramona after he spent all afternoon saying he hates her.  Jill is trashing Brad, which is typical.  I love Jill and it’s sad to see what has happened to her and a shame that she did it all herself.  She’s got a gossip problem.

The party seems good but then it gets great.  There is a fortuneteller.  She does not speak English and who knows if Countless can really speak French.  She tells Jill she talks too much, Sonja can be with someone without money, and Kelly that she will have another baby.

Then she tells Ramona that Mario is having an affair.  Kelly is there to translate and refuses to tell Ramona.  LuAnn however has no problem and happily let’s Ramona know.  This was a tame episode but it looks like next week will be killer.  My addiction to this show is out of control.

I’m watching, and I love it, but I feel sorry for these women.  This show is ruining their reputations and they will never be able to recover from what what they are doing.  They are a bunch of nasty and entitled women who are entertaining and fun to laugh at.

This season is going toe b great but you can;t help but think back to the first year, before they were famous, when watching the lives was fun.  The show is now more cringeworthy than fun. It’s great to watch, but for completely different reasons.

It will be interesting to see how the Moroccan trip plays out.  The promo looks fabulous and you know crap is going to hit the fan.  I’m most excited to see how Kelly handles it all and if Cindy is able to not get sucked into Crazytown, and keep it real.