Justin Bieber Gets His Jewish On With a Hebrew Tattoo

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Justin Bieber.  I LOVE HIM.  I listen to his music, watch his movie, follow him on Twitter, have a completely appropriate crush on him, and am not ashamed to say it.

I love that this deeply religious Christian kid cannot only recite the Sh’ma, but does so before every concert.  He is committed to his own faith, but open to others.  At the risk of sounding dramatic, Justin Bieber could change the world.

It’s a great lesson to kids growing up that faith matters, and while personal, you can respect those who don’t have the same views or beliefs as you do.  I believe this kid has important things to teach people.

He’s a pop star, and a child, but he has power and if given the proper opportunity to use it for good, he could help change the way an entire generation looks at faith, tolerance, and hope.

The Biebs is sporting a tattoo on his ribcage that reads “Yeshua”, which is the Hebrew word for Jesus.  I love tattoos and think his is beautiful.  Justin is strolling towards adulthood, and for a boy who could have selected any tattoo in the world, the one he chose shows us who he is, and let’s me know he is keeping the faith.