America Votes, God Listens & Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol

I got countless emails from fans of Scotty saying that they were praying he would win.  If you count all the votes he got, along with the requests that were sent God’s way, it is no surprise he won American Idol.  This is a remarkable young man who is just what the country needed.

I’ve liked this kid from the get go. He was a star right from the start.  He is posed and charming, and cute as can be. He will be a huge country star and I predict the highest record selling idol.  I like country music, I like country music fans, and I think this kid is going to be a good role model.

It was a star studded show.  Ryan was charming and looked great.  I cannot believe how much I like this guy when for a long time I just did not get him.  The show starts with a group number of Lady Gaga and it makes me want to jump out a window, the group numbers are painful to watch.

I don’t even remember the name of the chick with braids but she is bugging the crap out of me and bless Pia, who is such a great singer, but she has no rhythm.  It’s quite fascinating to watch.  She should sing ballads where she does not need to worry about moving because she can’t.

James Durbin sings a song with Judas Priest and I could not tell you what he sang for a million bucks because I was so distracted by his outfit.  He looked like one of the village people, or perhaps the topper on a gay biker’s wedding cake.  He looked silly, but I’m sure sounded great.

The piece on Randy Jackson was stupid because he is stupid.  Maybe all the people who prayed for Scotty to win can now pray for Randy to not come back next season.  He is the most annoying man on television.  They can find someone much better to fill his spot.

Jacob Lusk sang a gospel song with Gladys Knight that was great, and it made me smile.  I was dancing along, and got caught up in it.  It made me want to go to a Baptist church for a revival.  I loved it and think Jacob will be a huge gospel star.  Gladys was perfection, as she always is.

Casey Abrams sang with Jack Black and they were awesome.  I love Casey and will buy whatever record he puts out.  Jack Black is adorable and everything he does makes me happy.  He is a rock star and he fit in perfectly.  I loved it when they ended head to head and smiled.

The girls did a Beyonce melody that made me want to cut my own eyes out.  Did not get it, and thought it was horrible.  Then Beyonce joined them and I must tell you, I’m kind of over her.  She has not changed her moves or her songs in 10 years.  She is gorgeous, but predictable.

The piece on Steven Tyler was awesome because he is awesome.  He is entertaining and sexy.  I think he was a great addition to the show this year and even though he was a little lovey dovey, I thought he was fabulous and I hope he comes back next season because he rocks.

Haley sang with Tony Bennett.  It was a perfect song selection for her and she looked and sounded beautiful.  Tony Bennet is almost 80 and he was remarkable.  Loved, loved, loved this one.  I think a jazz/pop type album from Haley would be great and I will buy it for sure.

The piece on Jennifer Lopez was cute because she is cute.  There is something completely relatable about her, like you could be her girlfriend.  She is almost as good as Paula and I like her.  She did not have any chemistry with the other judges but I totally hope she comes back.

TLC and Lil Jon sang a medley and it was awesome.  They looked and sounded great.  Adding the girls into the mix was lame.  Group numbers sucked even if they were partnered with successful people.  The duets were awesome but the group numbers just lost my interest.

Tim McGraw and Scotty McCreery were perfection.  If you did not know who Tim was, you would be hard pressed to tell who was the seasoned professional and who was the new kid.  Scotty looks like a country star already.  I loved this song and this performance.

Mark Anthony is a great singer. I don’t speak or understand Spanish but I loved what he sang and thought he sounded beautiful.  Then Jennifer joined him as a back up dancer and I didn’t get it.  She looked great but whatever.  I guess lip-syncing was not allowed so she danced instead.

The piece with the contestants talking about the most shocking elimination was hilarious.  The men’s group number was horrible until they broke into Tom Jones.  I love me some Tom Jones and when he joined then on It’s Not Unusual, it was television perfection.

Giving the cars to Scotty and Lauren’s teachers was sweet.  Scotty’s teacher was smoking hot, no wonder he picked her to get the car.  Scotty and Lauren each get to pick a car of their choice and you know Scotty is going to be driving around in a big Ford truck.  Super cute.

Lady Gaga was up next.  She sounds great, looks ridiculous, and is fabulous.  Carrie Underwood sang a song with Lauren and looked gorgeous.  Lauren is a great singer but put her next to Carrie and she pales in comparison.  Carrie Underwood is a very talented girl.

Beyonce is back to sing again and this time she is better.  I’m over the dancing and liked her doing the ballad better although I thought the song selection was inappropriate for an audience of young kids. I’m officially over Beyonce.  Screaming make love for 5 minutes was too much.

Spiderman took a break from Broadway to perform a song with Bono and The Edge.  The song was great, Spiderman looked cool, and nobody got hurt.  Things could be looking up for Spidey.  The kid from the Broadway show who sang was brilliant and I loved his voice.  Super cute too.

Steven Tyler sang next and he is magic.  Put him at a piano and his sexy level goes through the roof.  He sounded fantastic and I fell in love with him all over again.  His voice is killer even now and I am getting in line to be a groupie.  This guy is brilliant and I love him.  Rock on Steven.

It was an okay show with great moments, but not a great show.  I loved in his speech when Scotty said he went through everything with Lauren and they would stay together.  I love him.  I want them to get married, have babies, and be country superstars, and keep it real.