John Edwards May Be Indicted, Allowing Elizabeth to Rest in Peace

John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator and two-time Democratic presidential candidate, is a cheating, disgusting, schmuck.  It has bothered me for years that he was not held accountable for using contributions to pay for his whore, Rielle Hunter. God Bless Karma because it appears she is finally going to deal with Edwards.

The Justice Department has been investigating whether or not Edwards used campaign funds to hide his affair with Rielle, the whore, who is the mother of his youngest child.  The one that was born while his wife was dying of cancer, and he pretended to care by projecting the image of the loyal husband.  Seriously, this guy is a pig.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that lawyers for Edwards are trying to cut a deal and get a plea agreement together before official charges are filed.  I hope they turn him down and he is forced to stand trial for his illegal behavior.  If no deal is reached they are expected to seek a grand-jury indictment.  That would be excellent.

It’s all speculation of course, and based on the words of “insiders” or those “close to the case”, so we’ll see what happens, but I sincerely hope this guy pays for what he did so that his wife can rest in peace.  I feel bad for his children of course, but just because they lost their mother should not entitle their dad to a get out of jail free card for their dad.

Beyond the rumors of an indictment, there is word that Rielle, the whore, is shopping a book deal about her life.  Is she kidding?  We know the story bitch.  You slept with a married man, had his baby, lied about who the dad was to pocket some cash, and made sure his wife’s last year on earth was hell, because dealing with cancer and leaving your children in not hellish enough.  Whoever gives her a book deal is a whore too

I hope the indictment goes through.  Regardless of what went on his marriage, and regardless of what he did with his whore, he broke the law.  This is a man who was unable to be decent when his wife was dying, and it’s time he came clean and paid the piper.  As for his children, we must keep them in our prayers,  hope that justice is served for Elizabeth, and keep the faith.