Soccer is Boring but Javier Cortes & David Beckham Are Changing My Mind

I think soccer is a boring sport. I was a soccer mom for years, schlepping my kid around during the summer to AYSO games and practices. Sitting in the heat, cutting oranges, and getting sun burned was never my idea of a good time.  There was action for about 1 minute during a game that lasted an hour.

When my son made it to the All Star team I was so proud of him I wanted to bust, and at the same time thought it was a drag that the season would continue. God Bless Soccer Moms.  I was the perfect schlepping and supportive mom but looking back now, I can share that I thought soccer sucked.

I could tell you about the year my ex-husband’s wife decided the best way to get my kid to like her would be to coach his soccer team.  Good times. When I went to the first game everyone was surprised to meet me as they thought she was his mom.  That’s a story for another day but I will say her plan did not work.  Nice try though.

Back to soccer, I don’t get it.  It’s running and cheering, and drinking, which is good, but you sit there for an hour in the hopes of getting one minute of excitement.  I suppose that one minute is worth it to some, but it never was to me.  Until now.  I think my view of soccer might be changing.

I recently went to an LA Galaxy game with my kid.  It was a schlep out to Carson to see the game, but Beckham was playing and I wanted to get a look.  After the long drive, the impossible parking, and walking for miles, we made it into the stadium and all I can say is WOW.

It was electric.  There was a sense of community that was really fantastic.  We had the best time and I would go again.  I can only imagine what a game must be like in Europe where it is embraced in such a huge way.  This was not my kid’s Saturday soccer game.

Important to note the stadium was full of families and lots of kids.  From a single gal’s perspective however, there were also pockets of men.  Gorgeous, drunk, fun men.  I think I might gather a group of my single girlfriends and head out to a game for some hunting.

David Beckham was gorgeous, charming, and fun to watch.  The Galaxy won which was great, and we left feeling happy and wanting to go to another game.  I never would of thought I would enjoy it so much.  It was really great, then I saw Javier Cortes today and it got even better.

Cortes is 21 years old and adorable.  His goal won the championship for his team and you can’t watch his reaction without feeling happy for him.  He’s just a kid and this is an awesome moment for him.  I love Javier Cortes, and am slowly starting to love this game.  Who knew?

Check of the goal that Cortes made below.  It’s as if he is running through people.  I am acquiring a new love of soccer and look forward to going to more games.  The excitement is contagious, the men are gorgeous, and for 30 seconds of magic, I am willing to keep the faith.