Pray for Joplin, But Not to Jesus Christ on Facebook – He’s Mean

On Sunday a tornado stampeded through Joplin, Missouri killing many people.  It landed around 6:00 pm and Joplin was in its path.  It has been a horrible few weeks of weather in the south and the death toll grows.  With weeks of tornado season still to go, we must pray for them.

I am a firm believer in prayer.  I have faith in God and know that he hears our prayers.  He cannot stop a tornado, and he does not have control over bad things happening, but what he can do is give us strength and peace so that we can find strength to survice the most horrible of things.  He gives hope.

He is collecting prayers for the people of the south.  He is welcoming those who pass with open arms, and watching over the survivors with a smile in his heart and an embrace.  I have held God close through difficult times in my life and this is my belief.

We all have different beliefs, and different ways that we view God.  At the end if the day, how we pray, what we believe in, and who our God is, is all the same.  It is faith.  Faith is a powerful thing and if we unite our prayers, it will bring strength to those who need it at this difficult time.

I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose everything in such a dramatic and scary way.  My heart is broken for the loss that the southern part of the country is going through, and I hope that the rest of the tornado season spares any additional lives and loss.

Whatever your faith, whatever you believe, keep a good thought for those who are struggling to recover from nature’s fury.  Whatever you do, and whomever you praise, stay away from Jesus Christ on Facebook because whoever is running that page, is not nice.

I did not even know that Jesus had a page on Facebook, so I was surprised to find out that he’s got a few.  There are some really lovely pages where people comment with their favorite bible passage, or ask for help, or request that others join them in prayer.

As a Jew, Jesus is not my go to guy, but I respect that he is that person for many people.  God, my God, our God, takes comfort in people leaning on their faith.  Again, I’m not writing a religious blog, and I’m not interested in people lecturing me on religion.  That is not the point here.

The point is this, whoever is speaking on behalf of Jesus on Facebook is an intolerant, selfish, mean spirited, and hateful person.  She/he hates people who do not view faith in the exact same way that they do, and though I am not an expert on Jesus, he would not like what is happening.

I can’t remember what the page was called because when I heard they were unkind to a friend of mine, I went on to say Jesus would never be so unkind, and I was blocked.  Jesus blocked my friend and me on Facebook.  To whoever is censoring for Jesus, you are a tool.

Pray for Joplin and for everyone whose life has been altered by the wrath of Mother Nature.  I pray for their health, peace and comfort during this difficult time. I hope daybreak brings hope, and blessings are found. You are in our thoughts, we are praying for you, and keeping the faith.