Rest in Peace Randy Savage, My Jewish Celebrity Crush

I have never been a fan of wrestling, but have been a fan of wrestlers for as long as I can remember.  I loved Randy “Macho Man” Savage for years.  He was on my celebrity crush list because he had killer arms, a body that was insane, a bad boy persona, a big personality and he was Jewish.

It’s not easy to find a Jew that looks like Randy Savage.  I thought he was divine looking.  His arms were so sexy and massive that it was easy to look beyond the sport I did not understand.  He was gorgeous, and Jewish, which meant beyond a crush, marriage was also an option.

Mr. Savage died today in Florida when he suffered a heart attack while driving.  His brother told the press that he careened across traffic and crashed into a tree, dying later at the hospital.  Mr. Savage was only 58 years old, and celebrated his one year wedding anniversary on May 10th.

To his wife Lynn I send my heartfelt condolences and am sending you my prayers for this shocking and tragic loss. To all of Mr. Savage’s family, friends and millions of fans, I am very sorry for your loss.  We are blessed to able to look back at his life and remember what a wonderful man he was, and see the legacy he left behind.

Rest in Peace Randy.  You were loved and respected, and will be missed by many.  You helped elevate your sport to a new level, and showed a Jewish girl that the man of her Jewish dreams existed in real life.  Your untimely passing is heartbreaking, and reminds us all to keep the faith.