American Idol: Do We Care Who Wins? & Why is Randy Jackson Still There?

We are down to the final three contestants in a season where there was a lot of talent. The thing is, the top three most talented are not the ones who are left.  I’ve invested too much time in the season to stop watching now but the truth is, I don’t really care who wins.

I really thought that James Durbin would win.  Pia Toscano had the best voice, but she was incredibly boring so I get why she got the boot.  James and Pia will have huge careers so I’m not worried about them.  In the end I think their not winning will be a blessing.

Before we talk about the remaining singers, let’s talk about Ryan and the judges.  It took me a long time to get Ryan Seacrest.  I thought he was overpaid for doing a mediocre job.  I have thought for years the best live competition host is Tom Bergeron of DWTS.

That said, Ryan has grown on me.  He is funny, smart, quick, and sensitive to the contestants.  I think Simon leaving was the best thing to happen for Ryan as Simon seemed to put him on edge.  This season he looks more relaxed and comfortable, which makes him appealing.

Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous, talented, and a good fit for this show.  She is sweet to the contestants, tries to help them, but is clearly in love with her own voice because she talks during Steven and Randy’s time too.  She’s great, but a bit of a spotlight hog which is getting old.

Steven Tyler is perfection.  I loved him before the show, love him on the show, and will love him long after the show is gone.  He is oddly attractive, funny, sexy, and sincere.  While the definition of a rock star, he is also a supportive father figure who builds up the singers.

That brings us to Randy Jackson.  Really?  Why is this guy even on this show?  He has nothing of interest to say, says nothing to help the kids out, looks ridiculous, and has overstayed his welcome.  I never got why he was there season one and will never get why he’s still there.

I’ve met Randy and he is lovely.  Sweet and funny, but that does mean he should be on this show anymore.  They should have dumped him at the end of last season when everything was changing and started completely fresh.  He is boring, lame and I fast forward over everything he says.

Scotty McCreery is a cute kid.  He is going to be a huge country star and that’s awesome.  He is humble and charming and has a nice voice.  At only 17 he is destined to be an American hero.  He loves singing, America, the troops and Jesus.  God bless him.  He might actually win.

Lauren Alaina is old enough to know that the clothes they are putting her in are not flattering.  I like this girl and while I don’t understand her hair color, I think she is a good singer.  I think she could win, don’t think she will win, and think her stylist should get canned.

Haley Reinhart is a good singer but does not appear to have a personality.  When she does the growling thing it makes me wonder how she got this far.  That said, she won round one of the semifinals.  She tripped during her first song and handled it like a pro.  I dug her for the first time.

Round two for Scotty was perfect.  He is a country star and looks like a seasoned professional.  There are no surprises with him, he is not as versatile as others have been, but that’s okay.  Carrie Underwood was a country singer who could sing anything.  Scotty can only sing country.

Round two for Lauren was odd.  Her dress was once again unfortunate, her jewelry was ugly, and she the lyrics were sad.  It’s a great song but I thought an unkind choice in terms of luck.  I’m quite superstitious and thought the song was bad.  She is young and sweet and I like her.

Round two for Haley was great.  Perfect song, perfect dress, perfect performance.  She gets better every time I hear here.  My kid has liked her from the beginning but I’m only just getting her now.  She could win I suppose.  In a Taylor Hicks what ever happened to her kind of way.

Round three for Scotty had him singing classic Kenny Rogers.  He wasn’t nearly as good as Kenny.  He is a country music star, which is an American genre so I suppose he could win.  Little girls and country fans will pray to Jesus he is in the finals and I think he will be there.

Round three for Lauren had her in a prom dress that was distracting.  She sang I Hope You Dance and it was beautiful.  She is a great singer and can sing more than just country.  She could be a crossover singer like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  I voted for her.

Round three for Haley had her singing an Alanis Morisette anthem and she killed it, not in a good way.  She sounded horrible and ruined the song. This round reminded me why I did not dig her.  Two great songs, and one to seal her fate.  I predict America sends her home.  She sucked.

Tomorrow we will know who the final two are.  I predict it will be Lauren and Scotty in a country style finish.  Haley needs to go home and so does Randy Jackson.  I will be back next week to talk about the finale.  I predict Scotty will win and be the next American Idol.

By win of course I mean he really come in 4th because James, Pia, and Casey out-sung him.  America’s mistake will be his success so good for him.  I won’t buy his album, but others will.  I will buy albums from Pia, Casey, and James, and talk about how they all got robbed.

I wonder if Simon Cowell watchesl.  I miss him and think if he were still on the outcome would be different.  The judges kept people in that he would have ousted.  If he were there I think Pia and James would be in the finals. We’ll never know because only Simon was keeping it real.