Keeping it Real – An Uncensored & Opinionated Blog About Reality Television

I love reality television.  By love of course I mean I am addicted to it like a drug.  Not a recreational drug that you did in college and forgot about, but rather like heroin where you are certain if you don’t get it, or in this case watch it, your life might fall apart.  Sad and pathetic?  Yes.

I watch a lot of reality television and have been writing about it on my other blog, Keeping The Faith, here at the Jewish Journal.  My Keeping The Faith blog focuses on dating, sex, motherhood, politics, Judaism, and my never ending search for my beshert.

It felt weird to write about serious issues then have the real housewives of wherever thrown into the mix.  So here we are, with my second blog for the Jewish Journal.  You can follow both blogs @ilanaangel.  Keeping It Real is about reality television and Keeping The Faith is about my reality.

I will write about the housewives, the bachelors, the bachelorettes, the skinny girls, the chefs, the idols, the kids from the shore, and the voices.  I will write about all of it, and it may not be pretty because reality television is not pretty.  What it is, is addictive, and addictions are generally bad.

If admission is the first stop to recovery, then let me say that my name is Ilana Angel and I addicted to reality television.  I think Bethenny is a liar, Danielle is a slut, Rosie has a speech impediment, Teresa’s husband is a loser, the Situation is a pig, and they are all fame whores.

You can agree, or not, but your comments will always be welcomed and shared.  I am watching American Idol as I write and think that will be my first blog.  If you think Randy Jackson is the cats meow, then be prepared for me to piss you off because he is useless on this show.

Everyone is looking for 15 minutes of fame, or a million dollar paycheck, and I’m hooked power to them.  I’ve had such horrible dates lately, staying home to watch reality television, with my cats, is more entertaining than dating.  Embarrassing to admit, but I’m keeping it real.