Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards, Noel Biderman, Tiger Woods & Whores

I have been running around town today for meetings, clients, and errands.  Everywhere I’ve been people want to talk about what a schmuck Arnold is.  I have an opinion on this one, and in talking to people I find myself getting angrier and more disgusted with him.

We don’t know what happens behind closed doors of a marriage, but in this instant I don’t think it matters.  This violation goes beyond banging a whore.  Am I harsh by calling the woman he slept with a whore?  I don’t think so.  She was sleeping with a man whose wife she saw everyday.

I think when a woman disrespects another woman by sleeping with her husband, she is a whore.  I appreciate that women sleep with married men without knowing they are married, but that is not the case here.  This staff member is a whore, just as Rielle Hunter is a whore.

Every single woman who slept with Tiger Woods was a whore.  That they were able to sleep with men, knowing they had wives and children, is a decision I don’t understand.  The blame certainly is shared between the cheater and the whore, but the lack of decency is on the whore.

I will go even farther and say that the women who are on the Ashley Madison website, looking to have affairs with married men, are whores.  Whores work for pimps, so if we use that definition, Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison, is a pimp who makes money off whores.

John Edwards and Arnold Douchebag prove that cheaters are going to cheat and the Internet is not required.  Noel Biderman is getting rich because he gives whores a place to work.  It is not a “dating” site, it is a “cheating” site, and I think he should be ashamed.

I have tried to be fair to him, tried to separate out the man from his job, but I’m just not sure I can do it.  There is a lack of decency in what he does and the fact that money is more important than the example he is setting for his children is troubling.

Lives are complicated, marriage is hard work, and cheating happens.  I get it, and am not implying that we should all live a sin free life with rainbows and sunshine.  However, why can’t we just be decent?  If someone is married, don’t sleep with them, and don’t encourage them to do it.

My heart is broken for Maria Shriver and I pray Elizabeth Edwards is resting in peace and watching over her children.  I am sending prayers to Amanda Biderman as I imagine the life she leads because of her husband’s work is a challenging one in terms of a legacy for her children.

I will get emails and comments saying I am wrong and that’s okay.  Bring it on.  I believe in marriage.  I also believe that people are inherently good and decent.  One of those beliefs has ultimately set me up for huge disappointments during my life, so all I can do is keep the faith.