Boston Rob, Scotty McCreery, John Rich & Jesus Are Reality TV Stars

After ten years, four seasons, and over 100 days, Boston Rob finally won the million dollar prize on Survivor and I am so happy.  Rob is the reason I got hooked on Survivor all those years ago, and I think he should have won every time he played.  He is brilliant at this game, and it’s about time we can officially call him the sole survivor.

I love how he plays the game, love his interviews along the way, and love that he finally got to be a winner after being so gracious about his wife Amber being a winner when he never was.  It was a fun season to watch because of him, and the truth is Boston Rob was the only reason I kept watching after the fabulous/despicable Russell got the boot.

Having Russell and Rob come back and be pitted against each other was awesome, and it’s stupid Russell got eliminated so early.  Rob not only won the title of sole survivor and the million dollar prize, he also won the $100k fan favorite.  Congratulations to Rob.  He earned it, he deserved it, and I loved watching it.  In fact, I called it week one.

I’m going to call a couple more finales. Scotty McCreery is going to win American Idol.  I’m not a huge country music fan but I like it, own a few country albums, and this kid is amazing.  He is super cute, super talented, incredibly charming, and an All American boy.  He loves God, the troops, his fans, and the United States of America.

I love this kid.  At only 17 years old, he is calm cool, collected, mature, serious, playful, and ready.  I can see him as a huge country music star and people will be listening to his records 40 years from now.  This is a talented kid who is sticking tight to his morals and values on his wild ride to fame, and he has my vote.  I think he’ll win.

As for Celebrity Apprentice, I think John Rich is going to win.  I love Marlee Matlin but I think John has been a better player, united with everyone he has worked with, not burned any bridges, and just overall more deserving through all the tasks.  I am not familiar with his music, but I love his work ethic and attitude.

There is something very American about country music people.  They feel safe, caring, generous, and humble.  They love God and country, and are not out to hurt anyone, just play the games and represent themselves in a manner that will make their families proud, and not make any waves.  Not a lot of scandals in the country music world.

I love reality television.  By love of course I mean I am addicted.  I sat down today and made a list of the shows I watch, or have watched, and I am not ashamed to tell you that I am a little ashamed.  I watch it, I like it, I write about it, and I get a lot of flack because of it.  People either love or hate reality television and sadly I love it.

I don’t mean sad in the sense that it’s pathetic I watch so much, I mean sad that my dating life is so nonexistent I am spending Saturday with my TIVO and reality television because that is more appealing than going out on yet another bad date with someone I have nothing in common with.  It’s horrible when flannels and TV trump a date.

As I was flipping through Survivor, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night, I realized who the most popular person in reality television is.  It’s interesting because this man has never been on a reality show, yet he is mentioned in every show by at least one contestant.  Turns out the most popular man in reality television is Jesus.

People thank him, credit him, praise him, confide in him, and give him credit for their not only being on the show, but for everything to happen in their lives before the show, during the taping, and for every day to follow.  There are a lot of people who have faith, but those who love Jesus like to shout it from the rooftop for all to hear.

I am Jewish so Jesus isn’t a part of my worship, which is nothing against Jesus, just my personal belief.  I can say however, that I respect those who praise him with such conviction and compassion because I am a woman of faith, have a love for and connection to God, and I lean on him in times of joy and sorrow.

Having faith is important and so when I hear tragic stories and people say it they will get through it because of Jesus, or pray in the name of Jesus, or are convinced their 15 minutes as a reality television star is because of the support of Jesus,  I smile a little, taking comfort in their beliefs, and wish them well on their reality television quest.

Now before all the crazies come out and tell me I am horrible for praising those who praise because those dedicated to Jesus are also blowing up abortion clinics, defacing temples, and boycotting gay marriage, just stop.  I know.  This is not about fanatics, extremists, or crazy people.  This is about acknowledging that faith matters.

I like that Rob, Scotty and John all wear a cross for everyone to see.  I like that you can share your faith on reality television and I think more Jews need to be represented on reality TV.  Not weird Jews like the creepy guy from Big Brother, or the silent Jews like Jason from The Bachelor, or the stereotyped Jews like Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives.

I’d like to see a regular person, who is funny, charming, and endearing, who also happens to be a Jew, like Jesus, and not afraid to say it out loud.  Mazel Tov to Rob on his win, and good luck to Scotty and John. I am working on my reality television addiction, grateful for my TIVO, and as for a non-embarrassing Jew getting on reality television, I’m keeping the faith.