As My Son Prepares for Summer Vacation, Gilad Shalit Needs to Come Home

My son has only 6 weeks of school left before he starts his summer vacation.  We are planning out the summer, reviewing the calendar, and booking trips.  He will go be going away for 4 weeks and while I could not be happier for him, my heart is skipping a beat at the thought of him being gone for so long.

As we sat and figured out what he will do, I started to cry.  Not for my son, or for me, but for Gilad Shalit I am about to lose my mind because I won’t see my kid for 4 weeks, and I can’t help but think about Gilad who has been held in captivity for coming up on 5 years.  He was abducted at 19 and will turn 25 this summer.

I am keeping this brave young man in my prayers and each time I kiss or hug my child, I am sending that love to Gilad and his family.  I am putting on a brave face for my kid and assuring him I will be fine while he is gone, and that he will have a wonderful time, but in reality, I will miss him almost more than I will be able to handle.  The blessing is that I know he is coming home.

To all parents who have a child missing, my heart is sad for you.  All of us who are blessed to be with our children on this Shabbat must say a prayer and send love to these children through the love we give to our own.  God bless you all.  You and your children are not forgotten.  I wish you peace and pray your children come home.  To Gilad and his family, keep the faith.