Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Broke Up & My Teenage Son is Rejoicing

I love my kid so much just talking about him makes me feel as though my heart might bust.  He is funny, smart and an all around great kid.  He has goals and dreams and his reaction to the news of Leo and Bar breaking up was fabulous.

One of the world’s most beautiful couples split up this week.  They have broken up in the past and I imagine this split may be temporary and will eventually result in them getting married, but that’s just me.  They seem like a sweet couple.

I mentioned in passing to my kid that they broke up and his response was immediate.  He turned to me and said, “Great.  Think I’ve got a shot?”  It was the sweetest thing ever and my response was just as fast and I told him, “Of course.”

I wish Bar and Leo the best, hope they are fine, and find love again, either back with each other or apart.  I encourage the millions of teenage boys who think they have a shot, to believe in yourselves. To Bar I say, I know a nice Jewish kid who would love to take you out for dinner and a movie.

It is our responsibility as parents to raise our kids with self-esteem and love of themselves.  I am proud to have done that for my son.  When you dream, dream big.  Not only do I teach it to my son, but I practice it, which is why I am planning my wedding to George Clooney.

Love is grand.  If you are with your beshert, or look at her picture on a wall and dream of her, it’s still love, and it matters.  Whoever ends up being my son’s beshert, she will be a very lucky girl.  It could be you Bar!  Call me and I’ll make an introduction.  My son is keeping the faith.