Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Bethenny? KARMA

Bethenny Frankel has built her career on a series of lies.  She is at the top to be sure, but the funny thing about getting to the top, is that once there, you look down and see all the people you crushed to get there.  That’s called karma and it has finally caught up with Bethenny.

By caught up, of course I mean it is biting her in the ass in a big way.  All of her lies, all the time spent dancing on her father’s grave, all the negative energy spent on embarrassing and humiliating her mother, has lead to Bethenny having to pay her karmic debt.

Two of Bethenny’s former managers have slapped her with a lawsuit.  It’s premature to speculate on what will happen but I will say I hope they win not only what they are asking for, but a little more.  I have no respect for a self-made millionaire when self made means ruining others.

The suit was filed on Wednesday in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Doug Wald, co-president of Raw Talent, says he was Bethenny’s manager in 2008, and responsible for her meeting agents from APA, who would eventually sign her.  They specialize in reality television fame whores.

According to the suit, Bethenny signed with them to be her agent in August of 2008, while Wald worked as her manager.  As her manager, Wald would get a cut of what she made, as would APA.  Bethenny was on a mission to make the Skinny Girl brand huge and they were to help her.

Additionally, the papers say there was an oral agreement between them that “any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinny Girl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable”.  Wald further alleges he helped Bethenny meet David Kanbar, who is a liquor industry player.

Kanbar’s job was to help build the brand, based on her reality television fame, and then help her sell it.  If you watch Bethenny Ever After, you know that Kanbar was her partner in the deal that just sold Skinny Girl to Jim Beam for what some are estimating was a sale of $120 million.

Turns out Bethenny fired Wald just days before the contract was signed to market Skinny Girl.  She used him to get where she needed, then when money was to be made, cut him out of the deal.  Sounds like Bethenny to me.  She is a manipulative liar whose lies are out in the open.

If she is willing to dance on her father’s grave, crush her mother’s soul, and sell her soul to the devil for fame and fortune, then certainly one can believe that she would screw over Wald.  He is now suing for 10% of her deal, which is approximately $12 million.  But wait, it gets better.

He is also asking the court to award him punitive damages to the tune of $100 million smackers.  No surprise that we have not heard a word from Bethenny on the subject.  I imagine she will settle out of court so as not to let too many lies out of the bag.  Too late Bethenny.

The lawsuit says, “Notwithstanding her clear and unambiguous agreement and obligation to pay Raw Talent its 10 percent commission, Frankel now refuses.”  The suit alleges causes of action for fraud, breach of oral contract, among other counts.  They clearly filed from a place of yes.

At the end of the day, who cares?  Her dad Bobby Frankel cares. Her mom Bernadette Parisella Birk cares, and one day her daughter Bryn will care.  Be careful Bethenny because I have a feeling Karma is just starting to play her game with you.  The lawsuit is the tip of the iceberg.

Good she is planning on another baby because when it all comes out, and it will, Bryn will feel about her mother, the way Bethenny feels about hers, and it will be nice for her to have a sibling to help comfort her when she no longer speaks to her mother or believes her lies.

When we met Bethenny years ago on the Real Housewives of New York City, she was funny and fabulous.  She is now a shell of her former self, literally, and there is nothing she says or does that is believable.  She created herself and got caught up in a desire for fame and fortune.

Time will tell what happens to Bethenny, her husband, baby, and the Skinny Girl lawsuit.  My advice to Ms. Frankel would be to try to settle out of court so as not to have too many more lies unravel.  Too many people are drinking your Kool-aid and if you crash and burn, so might they.

I wonder if Bethenny is kicking herself over the hole she has dug for herself.  I doubt it.  One who is willing to behave as she does, for everyone to see, is not worried about the mess, only that someone is watching.  Nothing can help her now, not even keeping the faith.