Win or Lose, I Love Manny Pacquiao – UPDATED

Manny is fighting tonight against Shane Mosley.  He will win.  I’m certain of it.  Shane is impressive certainly, and at 39 years old, bravo to him to giving it a shot, but Manny will win.  I’d be willing to put money on it.

Actually, I did bet on it.  I bet my friend Mike dinner that Manny will win.  When Manny wins, Mike owes me a sushi dinner.  Mike says Shane will win and I will cook him a home cooked meal.  Poor delusional Mike.

On his way home from church this morning Manny’s car was in a minor accident. Nobody was hurt, but it must have shaken him up.  He will pull it together, be strong and focused, and knock Shane on his tuchas.

Whether he is boxing or singing, I love him.  My previous celebrity crush, I say previous because it’s over, was George Clooney.  I loved George for twenty years and so it’s a little sad to break up with him.

Since this is a fantasy crush, and only matters in my dreams, I don’t need to think about the fact that Manny is not Jewish, which is my thing, or that he is married, which is never my thing, and I can just love him in my mind.

I love how he loves his family, how he sings, how he fights, how he helps others, his connection to God, to his fans, and most importantly, I love Manny because he is a decent, kind, and inherently good soul.  Manny Pacquiao is a hero to the people of the Philippines, as well as this Jewish girl from Los Angeles.  I wish Manny well tonight.  Not luck, as he does not need it.

To Shane, I actually do wish you good luck.  You will need it because Manny is perfection in the ring. I love you Manny.  You are proof that good guys finish first and being decent matters.  I am keeping in you in prayers for tonight and always.  You are my hero and my crush, so be safe and keep the faith.

UPDATE:  Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao earned an unanimous decision over Sugar Shane Mosley.  It is his 14th consecutive win.  I LOVE YOU MANNY!