Dear Readers,

My mom is the most amazing woman in the entire world.  I love her so much. She has always been there for me through thick and thin. I know she will love me forever and I will do the same. She is so caring and has such hospitality. She is the nicest and funniest person I have ever met. I am blessed to have her as my mother and I will always be her son. She is the reason I am where I am in my life. She has given me so much throughout the years.  I will always love her and she will always be my mom.

Since she likes to make lists, here is my list for her.  It is 75 facts about my mom for Mother’s Day. 


With unconditional love,

Your Snickerdoodle

75 facts about my mom for Mothers Day

1. She is an amazing cook

2. She can make me laugh when I am sad, ALWAYS

3. She is the HBIC at all times

4. She looks pretty in her glasses

5. She has really shiny hair

6. She has really cute freckles

7. She cannot stay awake for an entire movie at the theater

8. She has an obsession with Justin Bieber, our cat, and George Clooney

9. She is very affectionate

10. She is a pescatarian

11. She is the cool mom to my friends

12. She cooks me meat against her will

13. Her eyes are bright green when she cries

14. She cheats at Monopoly

15. She gave me the master bedroom so I would have more room and my own private bathroom

16. She is kind of short

17. She conquered her cat allergy by getting a cat

18. She loves fresh flowers

19. She gets very scared, very easily

20. She hangs my art from elementary school all over the house

21. She watches more reality TV than anyone. Period.

22. She lets me cuss at home

23. She is a great writer

24. She has a very close connection to our faith

25. She is very modest

26. She is on the phone more than anyone

27. She loves to watch me be happy

28. She is a beast on the dance floor

29. She loves Celine Dion

30. She opens me up to new things everyday

31. She has a very large personality

32. She will hurt you if you hurt me

33. She has a great sense of humor

34. She thinks I will go far in life

35. She loves her life

36. She embraces her flaws

37. She has fun at whatever she does

38. She likes yoga

39. She likes to take baths

40. She loves to write her blog

41. She thinks LA drivers were sent from hell to ruin her day

42. She uses weird voices to talk to the cats

43. She has a heart of gold

44. She always wishes to be taller

45. She never asks for anything in return for her good deeds

46. She likes small things

47. She will go crazy if she doesn’t clean the house everyday

48. She loves naps

49. She seldom ever drinks alcohol

50. She looks 10 years younger than she actually is

51. She has tattoos

52. She is addicted to the iPhone

53. She has many goals

54. She takes pride in our home

55. She sends me texts during the day saying she loves me

56. She is really upset Casey Abrams left Idol

57. She loves the color green

58. She had a cornea transplant in both of her eyes

59. She has unconditional love for those close to her

60. She has a crap-load of shoes

61. She wishes for everyone to be happy and healthy

62. She is the greatest organizer

63. She seems to know every song on the radio at all times

64. She is beautiful all the time

65. She has confidence in me with whatever I do

66. She cries at everything, especially kleenex and jewelry commercials

67. She and I have a lot of private jokes and secrets together

68. She hates the word hate

69. She loves babies and sushi

70. She loves to sing

71. She likes old school music along with new hip hop

72. She makes sure to know where I am and who I’m with at all times

73. She loves me and is very protective of me

74. She remembers everything I have ever done or said

75. She taught me that no matter what is going on, good or bad, we must always keep the faith