Chasing Trucks + Prince Charming + Love + Faith = Favors For a Friend

I met a wonderful man named “Matt” back in January.  By “met” of course I mean I chased him down in his truck.  We went out, probably because he felt sorry for me, and in a way that I will never understand, he filled a missing piece of my soul in a way that now allows my heart to sing.

For those of you that read my blog regularly and have been following my journey with Matt, you know that he has been battling cancer and fighting the good fight.  He told me he was sick on our first date and part of our great love has grown through the power of his fight.

It’s odd because we have become so close and connected, yet he has never met my son, and my son does not know of him other than I have a friend called Matt, because Matt did not want to meet my boy until he felt better so should something happen, my child would not feel a loss.

I don’t agree with his logic, but it’s how he chooses to handle it and I respect his wishes.  He does not ask me for much, but gives me so much, that who am I to say no to his one request of me?  Friends do as they are asked without putting up a fight sometimes, because it’s right.

And so today, I am doing a couple of things that my friend has asked of me.  I am sharing with all of those who have followed our story, and sent in such wonderful letters and notes wishing him well, that he has passed away.  He went quietly, surrounded by love, and with no fear.

The other thing I will do for my friend is share this message with the readers who took the time to share their prayers with him.


“To the readers of Ilana’s blog, thank you for your prayers. That strangers can be kind is special. When some crazy woman honked and asked me to pull over, I was a little freaked out.  It was flattering, but creepy. The greatest spontaneous moment of my life, and I will thank God for her when I see him.

Transfer your prayers for me, to her.  She deserves happiness and love.  I know there is a man out there who will mend her broken heart.  She is special beyond comprehension and there is power in prayers.  You do your part here, and I will do my part from upstairs.

To Ilana, you are an angel. Thank you for listening to what I wanted, for changing my name, and making small adjustments to protect my privacy.  You are a blessing and to use your own words, you have eased my pain and allowed me to breathe.  I am grateful for you.

Ilana, I know you are dying to have the last word.  Actually, I am dying to have to have the last word! ☺  I figured out a way for us both have the last word.  All we have to do is say the exact same thing, at the exact same time.  Okay ready?  One.  Two.  Three.  Keep the faith”